Thursday, 4 February 2016

Varicose Vein Surgery update

Its been seven and a half weeks now since I had my Varicose vein surgery. That time has gone quick and it has not been easy. The days after my last update detailing the surgery and the week after was hard. It was like I jinxed my recovery. The pain suddenly doubled and I was needing to take the codeine and ibuprofen on the rigid set hours it was due. The Codeine would then knock me out and I would need to sleep for an hour or two until the effects wore off. This was not good. Daddy M was due to go back to work for a few days before his Christmas leave, J needed to get to school and I had S to look after. Considering I couldn't even stay awake this was a mission. One I could not complete. We ended up sending S to her Grandads (2 hours away) for a few days until Daddy M was back on leave as I just couldn't look after her. (She loved looking after his neighbours chickens with him, and the quality 1:1 time). J thankfully is old enough to get herself dressed and isn't as high needs so we asked a few favours from some of the school mums to be able to collect her and drop her back home afterwards. Without their help I don't know what we would have done. It really is true from the research I did online, the two-three weeks after the surgery is the worst.

DisneyLife review

I've been a bit naughty. Back in December I was asked if I would like to review Disney Life. After just returning from Disney World, Florida I knew it would be a big hit for the girls. Also we had a few long journeys ahead of us, hotel room stays and I was pretty much laid up after my leg surgery it was a god send. However I haven't actually reviewed it although it has made my life so much easier with the girls whilst out and about.

Peppa Pig Construction set review

S is very creative, and imaginative. She loves building things and then playing with the said item in her own little way. When we were invited to try out a new Peppa Pig construction set she was very happy.  We were sent Grandpa Pig's boat to build and play with.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Stagecoach... an interview with the Principal

J has been going to Stagecoach for 4 weeks now and is absolutely loving it.  There is no Friday afternoon over tiredness instead its bouncing around getting ready for the class. She is full of confidence as she goes racing in to the main hall ready for registration each week. Therefore I thought it was time to find out a little bit more about Stagecoach Congleton's' Principal Chris Brown, what experience he has, why he decided to join Stagecoach and how he believes  it helps our children...
Stagecoach Congleton's principal Chris Brown

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Making the house a home

We have been in our house almost two years now. Where has the time gone? OK, it's not our house, but it should be our home. We live in it, we pay the rent and bills, we clean it and the girls mess it up. It feels like home but then it doesn't. All our furniture from our previous houses is in it, but that's it. It has just been plonked in a spot as there is no where else to put it, rather then buying a piece for a set room. Our house should be one to be proud of.
It's larger then I ever expected to live in before I'm 30. It has two large reception rooms plus a kitchen diner, and a hallway as big as some front rooms. So why doesn't our home feel like a home? -One we can be proud of.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Our Christmas 2015

Wow... where has the time gone? Christmas came and went in a flash. Our Christmas is always busy as we visit my side of the family in the days before with the last day being our Christmas dinner on Christmas eve. The 220 mile long drive home usually sends the hyper excited girls off to sleep before we get home, and then Christmas day we spend with Daddy M's family. This year was no different apart from Grandma and Grandad M had now moved 120miles away to Cumbria.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Getting organised with Stigu

If you have noticed my blog has been VERY quiet recently you may be wondering why? I have been getting overwhelmed with everything I need to do and the blog has slipped. Going into 2016 I am challenging myself to be more organised as currently I am not at all.
I'm planning on using Stick to Stigu to help me. Stick to Stigu is a 130 page spiral bound weekly diary with a little twist from a new company that started up just a few months ago. It looks modern, quirky and good quality with thick paper ffo the pages rather then the thin pages you sometimes get.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Jump Nation Manchester

Sunday we needed to get out the house. Christmas had just finished and it was the lull between Christmas and New Year. Daddy M was working and the girls had been up very early and I was close to pulling my hair out well before 8am. Thankfully we had arranged a play-date with some of J's school friends before the end of school to meet at Jump Nation in Manchester. Perfect timing.
We have never been before so was unsure of what to expect. My girls love bouncing on the trampoline in the garden so I knew they would enjoy it. On arrival to Jump Nation Manchester we had to sign a waiver saying we were fit to bounce and explaining the safety rules as trampolining is an "extreme sport". Once we were signed up, we popped our socks on. These need to have rubber grips on the bottom (can be brought for £1.50 a pair if you don't have any.) The kids were soon ready and raring to go.

 When we walked into the arena... WOW!! I have never seen so many trampolines before.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

NHS Varicose Vein Surgery - my journey

Its been a bit of a whirlwind the past 10 days. If you follow my blog you will know I have had a varicose vein on my left leg which has been there for as long as I can remember. Well over 12 years. This week it has gone (hopefully) so thought I would document what has happened as when I tried to search recovery I was only being directed to forums which were hard to follow any one persons journey.

Stagecoach... a gift like no other!

This Christmas J is getting a gift like no other. Its not a present she can unwrap under the tree, well she can unwrap the uniform t-shirt but the actual gift is one that can not be placed under the tree. We are giving her the gift of confidence. A gift that will help her through life now and as she grows. We are giving her the gift of Stage coach.