Friday, 17 June 2016

Kenwood Blend X Fresh Blender Review

If your one of my Instagram followers you will know I love making a good smoothie when I'm on one of my many health kicks. Or I am quite partial to knocking up a home made soup when it gets a bit colder. Unfortunately my old faithful blender which I've had for over 5 years has started smelling when I blended for longer then a few minutes so I have had to replace. My replacement? The funky looking Kenwood Blend Fresh.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Our ADOS results.

Last month I decided to share with you what we were going through with regards to S. It took me months and months to come up with courage whether to share or not, and to be honest since sharing things are getting better. So its only fair that I now update you again. It was such a relief that it was finally out in the open.

Last week was S's ADOS test. ADOS stands for Autism Diagnostic Observation schedule. It takes around two hours where she is tested through play. There is different tests depending how severe the child is. S is a walking talking social(most of the time) child so had a different test to which a child with mutism would. She didn't even know she was being tested.

My Fairy Garden Lilypad Gardens Review

We were sent a Lilypad Garden which is the latest product to be launched from the 'My fairy garden' range, to test it out. Lilypad Gardens is a large flower pot with its very own fairy that resides in the bottom. Arriving in a big colourful box with the fairy and a pinwheel on show the girls were instantly drawn to it.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Unicorn Onesie Review

As a mum, I like ease and convenience with the kids especially when it comes to dressing. J on the other hand likes to be cool and "funky" with her own unique style. Our latest review item, a unicorn Kigurumi onesie ticks all the boxes.
J doesn't often wear onesies but they are perfect for after her swimming lessons as they can be thrown on to go home in afterwards, rather then putting her school uniform back on again afterwards. J also uses them like a dressing gown if she is cold on a morning or evening.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Family day out at The Printworks

The Printworks is a great place to be in Manchester. I have memories of my 'up North' hen party taking place in a bar within The Printworks. With the bars and many restaurants inside and outside its a great night out, but what is it like for a family day out? We were invited along with the girlies to test it out.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Weekend by the River Wye

Last weekend we were invited to stay with the YHA at the River Wye. The main purpose was to review the bell tent, which you can read about in my previous post here. We have never visited the area before so didn't really know what to expect, but wow! The scenery was amazing. Everywhere was so green.
The river Wye is located within the Forest of Dean, and the easiest way I can locate that in my head is to say its between Bristol and the Welsh border. (Geography is not my finest skill).
With two days to fill, three children to entertain and a card I didn't want to splash I headed over to the geocaching website. From this website I had planned that from the campsite we could stroll along the river Wye finding a few caches along the route and end up at a pub at Symond Yat for dinner, before strolling back again. (The geocaching website shows footpaths and hints at where a stunning location is with photos, generally the more caches in an area the more beautiful it is!) The second day was due to be spent at the local castle exploring before heading home.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Glamping - YHA Bell tent review

Have you ever been camping before? We took the girls camping for the first time a few years ago which went well but we cut it short due to the rain forecast and having to put the tent down, which isn't nice in the rain. We haven't been camping since as our planned trip last year fell in the week it didn't stop raining so we decided to stay put at home instead. However if the tent was already up in place it could have been a different story.
The YHA invited us along for a night in one of their bell tents which is already up in place on arrival and we could not wait.
Daddy M was due to work on the weekend we picked so we invited V and K2 from Mummy3+1Dog for a girly weekend away 'glamping'. 

On arriving at the YHA Wye Valley we checked in and was given our allocated bell tent. There were 4 bell tents on our site in a field away from the youth hostel itself.

All the tents faced into the middle of the campsite with three clustered close together and a fourth situated away at the back of the site. Our tent was in the heart of the camp site.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Why has my blog been very quiet??

Last summer I sat in the doctors surgery pleading for help. I couldn't cope. I was struggling to cope with my 3 year old. Nobody but Daddy M understood what I was going through. Daddy's way of coping was to shut himself away from it and do 1:1 more with J. I had had enough and needed help or support or both. When I seeked it from others I was told its normal behaviour for a 3 year old, and that J was a good child and I had it lucky. She is just a typical 3 year old. Then when we visited my parents my mum briefly planted a seed in my head, she had been observing her "unique" behaviour for a few days. (My parents are carers for adults with special needs) After an afternoon where she went through an entire bottle of hand sanitiser just rubbing her hands clean my mum asked could she be seeking sensory stimulation? 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Bratz Remix doll review

J is 6.5 years old. Where has that time gone? She  rarely actually "plays" these days. This is a sad occasion as she would rather listen to music singing at the top of her voice and play on her DS or write stories, draw and colour then actually play. However on the occasion her friends come over the dolls usually come out. We were offered to review the Bratz remix doll and I thought this would be an ideal doll for those occasions.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Party at Chill Factore Review

Who doesn't like a good party? Who doesn't like the snow? (when you don't have to drive in it?) Who doesn't like to have fun with friends? If you said yes to any of the previous questions, this post isn't for you!
J loves the snow, and I mean LOVES the snow. We were tempted to host her 6th birthday party at Chill Factore but didn't really know what we would get for our cash so when we got offered to try it out and review it we jumped at the chance. To bring the party atmosphere she was able to bring some friends along to make it a real party.
We hired the clothing which is a party add on (£6 per person) which includes warm waterproof ski trousers and a ski coat. M had his own ski wear so opted to wear his. We wrapped everyone up warm and popped the ski boots and helmets on (everyone receives these to hire for the party). And we were ready for the fun.