Thursday, 18 December 2014

Welsh Mountain Zoo....

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have a complimentary stay at Travelodge for two nights in return for a review. I have always wanted to visit Llandudno since I moved up north almost 6 years ago. We almost made it in the summer when we camped nearby, but had to leave early due to poor weather, and being new to camping, we decided not to push ourselves too much.
After researching what to do nearby to fill a day, we came across the Welsh Mountain Zoo. They were running a selfie competition to win tickets for entry, and we won. Yeay. So that was a must. After a gorgeous breakfast at the coffee corner in Colwyn Bay, we drove up the hill to the zoo. It was almost empty, and it felt like we had the place to ourselves.
We were wrapped up warm... and it was certainly needed. We could see snow on the tops of the mountains/hills nearby.

As we walked up to the monkeys, we could here them making silly noises. And as soon as we walked near the enclosure, one came running over to say hello and to greet the girls.

The same happened at the meerkats too. They were just as curious over the girls, as they were with them.

We went into the alligator house and reptile house, but as it was so cold outside, both my glasses and the camera lens steamed up, so couldn't get any photos inside.
The girls saw a park, and we just had to have a little go. Grandma helped S.

...and it was nice to see them both smiling even though they were both ill...

... and J just wanted to see if she could make them bounce at the top....

Three little monkeys
 We found some Tigers, but they wouldn't pose for photos, but the snow leopard was very sociable.

It was then time to warm up with a nice hot chocolate.

...then it was time to go back outside to see the sea lion show...
..but J soon got distracted, and wanted to pose for the camera instead.... I think the bar was right at her eye level so she couldn't easily see what was going on, and she didn't want to crouch down... she is too big now to lift for long periods. was then time to return back to the park after seeing the flamingos and penguins...

....we had soon seen all the animals there was to see, unfortunately they didn't have S's favourite animal... the giraffe, so she was a little upset. But she soon cheered up with the promise of going to the seaside nearby.
It was a lovely morning, made even more special as the animals seemed interested in seeing us, unlike at other zoo's. Why not check their twitter feed out to see if you can win the next competition. If not, they have discounted rates before Christmas, and even though its cold, its still worth while going.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Sugar Lilly review

The girls recently received a parcel in the post, just for them... it was bright pink, and beautifully tied off with a ribbon. The presentation was gorgeous, and it was a shame it had to be opened. The parcel was from Sugar Lilly, a brand new company, specialising in girls accessories for girls aged 3 to 10 years old. As it was for the girlies, I let them do the honours....
They needed a little help with the ribbon, but was soon inside. J, got in first to see the delights just for them. I let them do it this way, so we could see exactly what it is they liked the most. I never know these days, as they change their minds so often.

S soon had her hands on the metal clasp purse. Bright pink, and shiny with the fantasy character... a little monkey with a cute heart shaped nose... on the front.

It was soon a scavenger hunt... on who could get hold of the most items the quickest... J took claim to the note book and stickers.

Then found a shoulder strap bag underneath, again bright pink with the Sugar Lilly monkey on the front, and flowers. This did not come off the whole evening then.

S then found one of the many bracelets... we decided to share these out between the girls.

They also found the stick on ear-rings, and wanted them on straight away. Which I just had to do, as it seemed like Christmas came early for them. With the ear-rings I found they stayed on longer then the ones I used to have as a child. S wanted some on too, and even taking a jumper off, they remained on.
Now I did the wrong thing as a blogger letting the girls open it this way, as I couldn't get great photos of the items.... but you can see the items my girls loved the most out of the selection we were given...
They loved the Shoulder bag, priced at £12.00 which is a very reasonable price, its very sturdy and strong. Its not too big to be filled with lots of things to carry, but perfect size for the purse, notebook and pencil.
The matching clip purse, priced at £4.50 again, seems strong, and is the usual size of a clip purse, the clip is strong, and doesn't break when put to the test by our destructive S.
Ear-ring stickers, these come as a sheet, with hearts, flowers, and Sugar Lilly, and are priced at £4.50. They are perfect for girls that want their ears pierced, and parents that don't want to.... like us!
They have various bracelets, priced at £3.50 and the rubber type wristbands for £2.50. And these also went down extremely well.
They have so many accessories in the range from hair clips, which have gone down well as well, and being used daily, to notebooks, and cards.
Why not check them out, especially if you are looking for Stocking fillers for Christmas, and you will be helping out a brand new company, as well as purchasing quality items, that im sure your little girl will love just as much as ours.
So if you want to get your hands on these lovely products, go to .
We were given a selection of the Sugar Lilly range, in return for a review. All views, opinions and photos are my own.

The M family does London

Ok, so at the end of November, you know we visited London mainly for the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, which due to the queues left us un-festive, but we did enjoy the ice kingdom whilst there.
What you don't know is we made the full day of it... here is our family day out in London.

The day started by the elves leaving some special tickets for the girls for the train.
Which the girls loved, and we were all ready for the 8.20am train, which got us in London for just after 10.30. J made a start on her class's Christmas cards whilst on the train.

When we arrived into Euston, we then caught the underground. Last time I was in London, I was on my own with both girls, this time Daddy was with us, and it was a lot less stressful. But after all the escalators, I was glad I didn't borrow a buggy. How do Londoners do it with pushchairs?? I have no idea, and have a lot of respect for the parents of London that do it day in, day out.

We ended up getting the tube to Leicester square. Daddy needed the loo, and the girls were saying they were hungry, so we decided on an early lunch at McDonalds... the girlies were pleased! I was shocked at how un family friendly is was though with no seats, except for 8 (in the whole place) that were high stools and unable to be tucked in!

We decided to walk down to Covent Garden to explore, and so we could say we've been.
Where we discovered a Lego Santa and his reindeer....

The girls queued up for their turn to sit in the sleigh, and as soon as J sat down, she clunked her head, resulting in tears, and S followed suit.... so here is our tearful Santa visit for the year... Teehee...

We then walked along the strand and towards Trafalgar square. The girlies were fascinated by the fountains.

We were taking f=photos with one of us missing, when a kind man offered to take a family photo of the four of us. Yeay! J got shy though as it was stranger asking her to say cheese.
From there we walked to the start of the mall.

The girls loved crunching on the leaves as we walked down, and I was amazed S was still walking at this point.

We stopped for a while to grab a drink, and watch the guards, as well as the compulsory shots in front of the palace.

 After the palace, we walked through St James park, and this is the part I enjoyed the most. S made a beeline for the big piles of leaves, grabbed a huge handful, and came charging at me with them... she remembers our leaf fights at our local parks... yeay!! And she must enjoy those moments.

Time was passing quickly though, and we couldn't stay for long. We were headed for the tube at Westminster, so the girls could see Big Ben. It took us through quiet streets of London, and it was nice to be away from the crowds, and let the girls run off some steam.

As we turned a corner, the Big Ben could be seen. J was pleased, and she actually knew what it was.

Someone again kindly offered to take our photo as a family of four.

By then the girls we needed a sit down and a brew. So we headed back to the tube to make our way over to the winter wonderland. On our travels, J found a tube station she could read her self and recognised from Monopoly junior, and wanted a photo taken...

So that's our sight seeing day in London. I am amazed how far both girls walked. We worked it out to be between 6 and 7 by the time we got back on the train. And with no tears or tantrums. A little drama due to the queues to get back to Euston, but apart from that, a stress free family day out.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree....

We usually put up and decorate our tree as a family, but this year, it seemed to be chaos, and not the family event it usually is. Daddy started by getting J to actually help with the branches as she is getting older, and she seemed to enjoy it.
However, as S was too young, and kept messing up the piles of branches, she wasn't allowed to help Daddy.

During the year, we were given an old Christmas tree that was no longer wanted, so to include S, I decided to get that up at the same time, and she could help me. She eve managed to put them on the base.

Our tree went up quicker then Daddy and J's tree, and soon J wanted to explore ours.

S soon found the box whilst I was hovering up the mess that always follows after putting the tree up.

And of course J had to jump in too..... sibling rivalry ey... if ones got something the other has to as well!

Once it was all clean and the lights were on, it was time to decorate.... this was for both girls to do together.

S didn't really understand that the tinsel wraps around the tree....
After a little bit of help re distributing, the toy room tree was up, and its very girly!  I actually really like the different colour scheme compared to our traditional colours we have our living room tree. Mummy forgot to get a silver star to match, so that is on the list as and when I see one.

 By this time Daddy had finished constructing our bigger tree, and realised the baubles last year that was packed away were almost all broken due to a younger S pulling them off the tree last year, so he had to do a mad dash to the shops for more baubles.
On returning we spent a brief moment all decorating the tree before daddy escaped to the kitchen to make some mulled wine.

The tree was finally up, after taking all day to do, and I love the soft glow from behind it. The star has since gone on, and ts now looking complete.

The following morning our elves arrived with a Christmas hamper for the girls which includes new pyjamas, Christmas themed DVDs and Christmas books.
Its a shame it wasn't a family occasion with all 4 of us like it usually is. S was in a destructive mood, breaking baubles before they even made it to the tree, and some sentimental salt dough decorations that they have both been making since they were born. Oh well there is always next year to try again...
The tree now its been up over a week, isn't looking as nice as once again S (not quite 3 yet) has attacked BOTH of them, time and time again.