Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ozeri 4x3 Razor Pedometer review

I was given a pedometer from Ozeri, which boasts Tri-Axis technology for a better accuracy in its steps. I was very keen to put it through its paces, as I, like many others, is vowing that in 2015, I will be loosing the pounds and inches. This I thought would be a great way to help spur me to try and walk more each day.
 ....It is very stylish looking....

....thin, and lightweight... it is compared to my Samsung S4 mini phone...
I was hoping to be able to pop it on in the morning and forget about it. However, that is not very accurate. I found whilst going about my every day routine, stopping and starting, sitting down and standing up, I would miraculously add a hundred or so steps. HOWEVER, on a standard walk, it was spot on.
Therefore, I would say its perfect, if you want to monitor how far you are running (as it doesn't add extra steps for bounce) or if you are doing a walk, and you want to monitor how far you are walking, or how many calories you are burning. For it to work out your calories, you need to enter your height and weight on setting up, along with the time.
It also tells the actual time, as well as continuous time. It also has a 30day memory, which automatically resets at midnight.
It was very easy to set up with just 3 buttons, and also comes with a lanyard, spare battery, and even a mini screwdriver if you need to replace it.
If you would like to order one, you can grab one from Amazon here.
This shall be a new gadget for me to add to my running collection which will be dusting off in the very near future.
I was gifted the pedometer, in return for an honest review. All photos, words and opinions are my own.


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A look back to 2014....

2014 was the year I became a blogger. I started it to capture the memories, which I do believe I am capturing, but I have also had many great products for review.... here is a mini flash back at our blogging 2014...

BUT... my favourite photo of the year, has to be from this post....

I am so glad I started blogging. I have written down things I would have forgot, like my visit to ITV, or the scary ordeal of my eyes. I've also captured the photos of the girls through each month, and I can see big changes in them.
So.... what am I going to do in 2015?? Well S starts nursery after Easter, so I will have less time to do things with the girls, however, I will still try and capture our memories. I will also be hopefully writing about my transformation to a fitter me. I attempted it this year, but failed, so need to re-think for 2015. I will hopefully be going back to college in September too, so will be interesting to jot down what I learn on the photography side.

Premier Inn North Poole review

Whilst we were down south visiting family, we stayed at the Premier Inn in Poole North. We stayed our first night with my sister and nephews, and although it was lovely catching up, it was nice to have our own front door to escape from all the excitement. So, the next two nights we spent in the room pictured below. We had a very large bed, which we made sure mummy and daddy had, much to J's dislike. And the girls each had their own pull out bed along side ours.

We had our own long desk, a comfy chair, and a desk chair, along with a TV with Freeview, wardrobe space, en-suite bathroom, and tea and coffee making facilities. It also had an air conditioning unit which doubled up as a heater too, which was perfect for us to warm up in the evenings and cool down when getting ready in the mornings. The curtains were blackout, which I think helped with the girls sleeping in later then they usually do.

The coffee making facilities included 4 mugs, a kettle, and plenty of sachets. I like my brews milky, so needed more milk cartons, and was happily given more from reception, which was always manned. There was also a bottle opener if you wanted a few cheeky drinks in the evening.

The bathroom was basic, but clean and well lit, with plenty of towels for us all.

 They had a dispenser for hair and body gel, as well as soap dispenser next to the taps.

On our first morning, we decided to try out the breakfast. Its £8.75 per adult, and children under 16 eat for free with a paying adult. This meant it worked out cheaper then a McDonalds breakfast for us. It was an all you can eat style buffet, but we could order poached eggs, dippy eggs, omelettes and porridge to order. The poached eggs were delicious, and cooked just right...
We didn't go down first thing, so we were unsure what we would be greeted with, but it was constantly replenished and refreshed. Daddy was happy with the "cooked breakfast".

Whereas the girls were happy with muffins, croissants and jams.

...and dry fruits.....

S also tucked into the fresh fruit cocktail and yoghurts...

The drinks selection was impressive too, lots of teas to choose from, Costa coffee machine to make your coffee of choice, and plenty of fruit juices.

We all enjoyed our breakfast, and left very full. The girls enjoyed being allowed what ever they wanted.

We all slept very well considering we were in a hotel, the walls seemed thick, and although we had neighbours, we could not hear them. If we didn't sleep well though, we would be covered under the good night sleep guarantee.
We will be returning again next year when we visit our family again, as it is nice to have our own front door away from the excitement of family life.  We have stayed here several times in the past, and never had a problem, when S was younger, they provided a travel cot and blankets when I had forgot to pack ours.
So would I recommend Premier Inn?? If they are all like Poole North, then yes. Its nothing fancy, but the staff are friendly, have a later check out of 12pm which came in handy for us, and its all you need for somewhere to rest and sleep, even with a young family.
I was given a two nights complimentary stay, in return for an honest review. All photos, words and opinions are my own. We bought our own breakfasts.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Snow Day!!

Boxing day we were greeted by snow. It came down thick and fast, but didn't settle. so after a few minutes running around in it. we thought nothing else off it.

We were then told, that a nearby Country Park, had lots of snow still, and it was perfect for sledging. I of course, then went on a hunt to find a sledge. Once I had one, I headed off with J. Little S and daddy were not well, so stayed at home keeping warm.
S wanted to come too, but she had a fever that wouldn't budge, and Daddy was off sick from work, so she kept him company cuddled up on the settee watching Dinosaur train.
Good old google took us to the car park, and thankfully the roads were de-iced leading up to it, however the car park, did have compact slow/ice... so was fun to walk on. The sky was clear, the sun was getting lower, and it made for some stunning photos.

To get to the sledging hill, we had to walk up a path of compact snow, this was a challenge in itself, and provided a few giggles. It also had untouched snow along the fence, which was perfect for making snowballs.... especially ones to throw at mummy.
After a few slips and slides from J on the ice, she asked to copy to the other kids and be pulled up the hill, it was actually really easy, so didn't mind at all. Although she did almost take me out a few times when it tried to overtake me.

We soon made it to the sledging hill, and J started to get nervous. I decided to try her on a little slope, which is actually designed for people to walk up the hill, but no one was using it, it meant it had more snow then the main hill itself, and it was quieter too, so she didn't have to go to the top.

At the bottom of this little hill, was a half built snowman.... perfect brick wall for J so she wouldn't go near the field wall with barbed wire...

I managed to get a shot of her mid mini scream as she came down...

It was great fun... even when she missed the snowman wall, and went up the little hill next to it, and down the other side and along the other path, just like a toboggan. My heart skipped a beat, as I had heard horror stories of barbed wire, so after that I told J if she went past the snowman she had to fall out..... which she did even when she hit it then...

She loved it. J did not want to leave, but did wish that S and Daddy could join us. So fingers crossed they are better before it melts....

We only stopped as she needed the loo. Thankfully the visitors centre was open, as was their loo's.

The sledging hill looked stunning with the sun shinning down, but I know that is bad news if we want to visit again. The field was filled with laughter from all ages, with tots on parents laps, and grandparents racing too. I know for sure, we will be returning next time we have a sprinkling... what a great way to spend the gap between Christmas and New Year.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Sunday Photo

Christmas time is not all about the tree and presents for us.... we enjoy the family meals the most. Down South we had 19 of us around 1 table.


Up north we had 8 around the table.
We LOVE seeing all our family, at Christmas we usually see them all with 24hours, despite 260 miles between them. OneDad3Girls

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Coming home for Christmas...Part 1

Christmas time is the one time of year, that im guaranteed a trip back "home". Ive been up north six years on the 1st January, and class that as home now, but the home I return to every year, is where my parents and sisters are. This year, we decided to come "home" for longer then usual, and extend the usual 2 night trip to three, and stay with the girls Auntie L, from mummytoboyz. J and O are very similar ages, and S and L have a year between them, so very close in ages, and last time, they acted more like brother and sisters, with trying to be one up on each other all the time. This year, was completely different. They seemed to be more grown up at 4 and 5, and actually played nicely, and wanted lots of cuddles.
J and O top and tailed for bedtime, which is the first time J has successfully done this, and woke up both at the same end. It was a very early get up as O is an early riser, much earlier then ours, so I got up with them, whilst Auntie L and Uncle R got a few more winks.
It meant I got some quality time with the four of them behaving, and still slightly sleepy, so lots of cuddles.

After we were all up, dressed and fed, we headed for the local beach. This is a luxury for us, as our nearest is a few hours drive away now. On arrival it was very, very windy. If I hadn't promised it, we would have probably given up at that point.  The tide was high, so we were on the hunt for a piece of shore we can play on.

But as the tide was so high, it meant we could all throw some stones into the sea from the car park.

 We decided o walk along the cliff top to another piece of shore to try and get away from the wind, where we were greeted with puddles galore.... the older two liked "feeding the flowers" by shovelling water into the grass, and at one point I thought little L might push his brother in...

After a little walk on top of the cliff, we came across another opening to the beach, and we had some beach... the kids were delighted....

J instantly wanted to go in the water, and as she was the only one with her waterproof trousers on, she went solo.... but very cautiously due to the strong currents....

Whilst Auntie L helped the others build sandcastles...

J sure loves the beach as much as I do... even in the winter....

After a little time in the water, we went to see how the sandcastle building was going.... it was now on destruction mode....
 On returning up the shore, I had found a feather for a flag for a castle, and S wasn't happy that O got it first, so Auntie L took her on a hunt for her own one, and little L wanted to join them too....

J  then decided she needed more shells for her collection, and she found a fair few before heading back to the car.

S wasn't happy due to the wind, and cried all the way back to the car.

We stopped off at an old fallen tree, and the older two wanted to climb it again, J was a little scared of falling, which surprised me after how adventurous she has been this summer, but still made it up for a pose with the brave O.

Then followed by a nice warm hot chocolate, which auntie L bought along with her....

It was a lovely morning out, despite the winds best efforts. We then headed back to Auntie L's where she then acting as a flying machine for the kids to help them fly... this guaranteed lots of laughter.....

Thank you Auntie L for a lovely day, and letting us stay with you for the night.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall