Sunday, 9 March 2014

A glimmer of Spring!

Today we were able to play outside as the sun had come out to play! It's our first play day out in the garden this year, and its still a bit water logged due to poor drainage, and the large amount of rain this winter. We started the day off with a quick trip to the garden centre, where we were given a £10 gift voucher, due to a complaint regarding their Santa's grotto at Christmas. We then purchased some pretty flowers to freshen up the flower beds. The girls picked them, and don't they look colourful?
There were some lovely more expensive plants, but with us living in rented accommodation, and knowing we wont be here for long, I don't want to spend too much money to leave behind.
The girls were then left to explore the garden toys they hadn't seen since Sept/October, whilst I enjoyed a coffee and prepared their picnic lunch.

J has even mastered the swing ball which we brought at the end of last year, and she showed no interest in. She loved it today.

Even our cats enjoyed going out today. They are usually indoor cats but go out when the weather is nice enough to have the doors open.
Tiger - on the prowl!

Jinxy - the scaredy cat!
We then enjoyed our lunch outside, before the flies came over to investigate the jam sandwiches.
Then it was time to finally plant the new flowers the girls picked.

Placing them out to decide where they should go...

Digging to china??

J loves anything to do with water...

S got hold of the hose, so it was quickly turned off... little monkey!!

Whilst digging the holes ready, the girls came across a worm... its the first one I've seen S interact with, and after the photos were taken, she then carried it all around the garden with her, until it looked lifeless. Thankfully, it seemed to come back again, after it was placed back in the mud.

Placing it back in its home and showing Tiger the worm.

After the plants were in the ground, the girls still had energy to burn, so headed to the trampoline. Its been worth every single penny we spent on it 2 years ago, this will be its 3rd summer, the girls love it, and I'm glad Daddy came around to the idea.
Yes that is a bird feeder being used like a handbag!

Can next door come to play??
We have a slide up against the trampoline so the girls can go on and off easily, thinking they would slide down, but both goes down the ladder.... strange girls....
The day outside was then finished off with the girls finding two flowers on the floor and wanting them in their hair....

After today spending most of it outside, S is suffering, and is now very tired, so an early dinner, warm bath and early bed time is on the cards.
Here's hoping the rest of spring and summer 2014 is as good as today!

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