Monday, 31 March 2014

Quick catch up!

Wow.... what a busy 2 weeks it has been.
1st week we were house hunting, and got let down on our house we fell in love with, but got beat to the finishing line, and it slipped away. The very next day, we were on our hols, and as you can see by the previous posts, was a very busy holiday. We returned home on the Thursday night. Daddy M was browsing rightmove, and found a very big property in an area slightly out of our search radius, I wasn't showing any interest until the next day, to see if it was still available. Friday morning came, and after phoning the estate agents, we were slipped into the back of the queue of that morning in 90minutes. The journey itself would take 60minutes, and none of us were dressed with it being the first morning home. Busy rush, would have loved to have been a fly on the wall that morning as a very tired J did not want to co-operate which led to me pinning her down in the car to get her seat belt on.
Once at the house, J perked up, and both S and J were running around the huge spaces, we were all smitten. So a quick dash to the estate agents to put cash down to hold it, and it was secure. Finally we have a house.
So its all systems go to pack up the house, and over Easter term too. Plus all the calls for J's new school for September, and a nursery place to find, plus all the utilities... busy, busy, busy!
I also may have a TV interview on the Lorraine show, about the very glamorous subject 'Varicose veins'. Should find out tomorrow if I'm the one they want, and then I'm off to London the next day for my slot on Thursday. I'm taking the girls if I get it, so I can show them a little bit of London for free. But it means showing my vein off to the nation.
The girls have also had their ears rechecked, and little S has come back with fluid in her left ear, so we have to go back again in 3 months time for a reassessment. J has got the all clear again so I'm going to have to push her harder with her words.
Oh and my car has its dreaded mot tomorrow, which I know will cost a small fortune, as its so loud it gives me a headache when ever I go over 30mph.
But for now, im going to relax with a pizza, a vodka and coke, and a film with daddy, and look forward to my spa session tomorrow, which I got for mothers day...

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