Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Moving day....

Well the past week, the out door adventures and crafts and cooking all went quiet.... all due to the packing and organising for the new house took over. We collected the keys on Friday for our new home, and then it all became a blur....
We picked the keys up and took the girls to see their new home before dropping them off at a friends house who was watching them for the day, so mummy and daddy m could unpack the tv (Daddys pride and joy) and the kitchen stuff. Unfortunately Mummy got stuck in traffic, and was delayed, so another trip over during the night to unpack it all was needed. The van was also collected on Friday night as well as picking up Daddy Ms mate who was helping for the big move. S decided we weren't busy enough, so added an extra stress to the mix by doing a farewell drawing on the wall with another permanent marker....

Tips to getting it out is toothpaste on walls, hairspray on carpets and nail varnish remover on radiators!

The morning of moving day arrived, and Grandma and Grandad M was over first thing. Grandad was helping with the move, whilst Grandma took the girls out for the day, and night so we didn't have to worry about them. Poor Grandma had her hands full with S.
We got the first load loaded up very quickly as I had done most of the leg work in the previous week, packing all the boxes into the garage, so it was a straight chain of people from garage to van. And again was easily unpacked the other side as it was all just boxes. The 2nd load, I had a friend join us so we now had 5 of us to help. It was all the awkward pieces of furniture this time around. The guys started to pack the van up, but when they disappeared upstairs for a heavy item us ladies couldn't carry, we started to repack the van....TETRIS style... the guys were amazed at how much room we recreated and the van was packed from floor to ceiling without many spaces. It was needed with the hour commute between the houses, as this probably saved us 1 possibly 2 extra trips.
After this load was unpacked my friend and I stayed at the new house, and started to unpack some of the boxes, then rejoined the guys an hour later with ice creams, as they just finished loading the 3rd much smaller, but more fragile load. Whilst us ladies were in charge of collecting the cats up ready for their journey. They had been locked in the room for the day so they couldn't escape, and they were very nervous when we went in. When we picked them up for the cat boxes, Tiger, decided to squirt something from her rear end, which I can only describe as being skunked.... it stank... thankfully it only got the cat box. Jinxy was much easier to get in. After about 5 minutes in the car, one of the cats done the most smelliest poo ive known them to do, which must have omitted laughing gas, as both myself and my friend were in stitches for the next 10-15minutes. Then the other cat procedded to do another poo. GREAT!!
To make matters worse, I then missed my junction on the motorway as I was too busy talking, and the next junction was a lot further down the road. Albeit we arrived with an extra 10minutes to the travel time. Once the cats were let out, they were off exploring. And within an hour they were purring... they were happy.
Whilst we were in transit with the cats, the guys managed to break the dining room table. This had been on its last legs for a while, as its done many moves with us. But this was the only casualty of the whole move. And a new table was promptly bought on Sunday... how much do dining room tables cost??!! I was in shock... and still am.
After our moves in the past, food has always been an issue, its either bene to heavy and stodgy, meaning no one wants to move after, or if we ordered a takeaway, they got lost and arrived when we all wanted to go to bed. So this move was different. For lunch we got baguettes from the supermarket and some deli ham... was such an easy and filling lunch. Then for dinner we rewarded all our helpers with pulled pork and chippy chips. I had made the pulled pork on the Thursday in the slow cooker... this was such a great idea, and it all went.

We had one last mini trip over on the Sunday to pick up the garden furniture and the new dining room table, and we had it all. We couldn't have done it all so smoothly without the help from J, V or Grandma and Grandad. So a really big thank you!!!
Monday was the boring part of the house move.... cleaning the empty house ready for the new family to make it their home. Grandad watched the girls, again thank you!! But then a call to say his glasses broke whilst playing with the girls.... (oh no!!) and then the Sky man saying he was going to be early, meant Daddy got out of the cleaning. So Mummy cleaned a 3 storey, 6 bedroom house, in every cupboard, oven scrubbed, fridge and freezer defrosted and cleaned, and the cream carpet well and truly washed.... took 10 hours in total.
That makes it sound like it was filthy to start with, but once you add up all the rooms, cleaning skirting boards etc. it all adds up.
The keys were then handed back this afternoon (Wednesday) and I don't feel sad or sorry. It was the house that got us out from a our previous landlord who was a money pincher and finger pointer, and it made us realise what we want from a house. Downstairs living space, and just enough bedrooms upstairs.
Its still early days in our new home, but it already feels like home... but yes we do still have boxes in some rooms. We have a little reading nook (library) in a corner of our lounge, with a  big open fire place, and very large playroom downstairs, and a huge kitchen diner. What more can we want? 4 good sized bedrooms.... yep its got that too... So big that S likes to sleep on the floor now she has the room to do it...and J has upgraded to a double bed....
And it even comes with its own 50meters long garden... but I will write about that another day.... that's another whole blog just there!! The girls are extremely happy here. J has already said she prefers it here. Both girls are actually playing, and not just sat in front of the tv, or they are running.... yes running around the house with excitement... only downside is the bird poo.... my car is covered in it!!! But that cant be a deal breaker....

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter... Past, and Present... but still chocoholics!!

This year Easter was organised the night before. We did something different this time around. In the past we have done a hunt for all of the girls eggs. But this year we decided to lay the chocolate they got from family, out for them ready and waiting for first thing. But we kept a few smaller chocolates to one side for a hunt in the garden when it got a bit later. This is what they came down too...

As you can imagine from any 2 and 4 year old, we got a WOW... and jumping up and down, followed by, can we have some now? Of course, I let them have one. S chose a chocolate bunny, and J chose her princess egg. Once S had opened and taken a bite from hers, she wanted to open another. Which I said no too, but whilst I was making my morning brew, she took it upon herself to let herself into another bunny.


J's favourite egg this year, is one she picked herself with her great great grandmas Easter money. She happily ate the butterfly on it, then left the rest temptingly sat there in a bowl... so mummy got a bit of an Easter egg too.
Before the girls had too much chocolate, we wanted them to eat something more substantial, so it had to be the traditional dippy eggs and soldiers...  what else at Easter? We had the hot cross buns the day before.

After we were all up, washed and dressed, it was time for the hunting. The girls were looking for where they were from the glass windows. So when they were allowed out, they were off like a shot.


J then couldn't find 3 of the last chocolates, so then the hints came... if you were to go for a drive, what would you go in? What was the plant that Daddy brought mummy for her birthday? And if you were to water the garden, what would you need...
You could tell she was excited... just look at the grin... her response was 'Easter bunny' or 'Chocolate' but when I repeated and told her to listen, she got there and got rewarded... then showed S where the last ones were... the hints made it more interesting, so may expand on them next year...

 After the hunting, we let them burn off some of the morning chocolate session by bouncing... they needed it, it was cold today. And may be the last time before the trampoline gets packed up ready for the house move next weekend.
 As the egg from this morning, still remained untouched throughout the day, we took the rest of the chocolate away before S could take a bite from each one. But if they ate their dinner, they got a pick of their hunting chocolates. S didn't even eat a mouthful of dinner, but J ate just enough to warrant pudding. We let her choose, and didn't give a limit, just stop when you are full... they all went... all 10 chocolates... let the chocolate hype start just before bed....

It has made me think though, that even though J is just 4, we already have a few traditions in our family. Like the egg hunt in the garden. We first started this back in 2011 when J was just about old enough to understand, when her cousins R and J were staying with us. The excitement in the older children made us realise this was going to happen every year for the foreseeable future... here is some pictures of our 'first' chocoholic Easter with children.

Again as you can see by the smiling faces... fun was had by all... but are the smiles just because it involves chocolate?
For some reason, I can not find any photos from Easter 2012, this was S first Easter, so it has me puzzled. This may because the hunt was done indoors, due to rain, or because S was really poorly with her kidneys, and taking photos were the last thing on our mind. However. we do have lots from 2013, including S first cadburys cream egg... and of course the traditional dippy eggs and soldiers, and easter hunt, with the carrier bags... I must invest in nicer baskets.

So, I have learnt from these 3 Easters captured here, clues are a thumbs up for next year, and nicer baskets are needed.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Hunt at the 3 sisters

 We just love the park at the 3 sisters, so much so, that when we heard they were doing an Easter hunt with egg rolling, we had to go along. For the egg rolling, they asked if you could bring along a boiled egg, so to keep the girls occupied this morning, we let the decorate theirs with felt tips.  

 Once they were dry, they were then put away for safe keeping. We then met up with my friend V and her 3 girls. K1, K2 and S2. J loves being around K1 and K2 as they are older. And S2 is a very similar age to S. J doesn't often see the older girls as they are school when mummy usually meets up with V.
Once we arrived at the park, we were given sheets with questions to answer, and pointed in the right direction, we were off.
A short way around we came across our first board, and the girls wrote their own answers down. Next time I will remember a clip board!

 V also brought her dog along for the fresh air and walk. J loves any dog, so every time we stopped, she got another quick stroke in.
S2, may be coming down with a bug, so she wasn't to happy on the walk, but with encouragement she was off walking and chasing the next board that was needed with the other girls.
 And S quickly wanted to hold hands with her friend.
 About half way around the route, we came to the egg rolling part. We were one of the last ones on the route, so we saw a lot of broken eggs down that hill. The girls all rolled theirs without breaking, with S rolling 13meters, J 26m, and K1 and K2 into the 30m's. Mummy on the other hand broke hers on impact, and became disqualified. Doh!!There goes my competitive streak!
 The older girls then went off ahead, and we attempted to fit the two younger ones in the pushchair, but it wasn't happening.

Even the ducklings came out to say hello!
At the end of the walk, the girls all got 2 small chocolate eggs as a treat. And rewarded with a play in the park. They all had great fun playing together.

All in all, another great day out at the 3 sisters. More fresh air, and draining some of that excess energy the girls have. Happy Easter to everyone reading.

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