Monday, 7 April 2014

Easter half term - Rain walk with friends

Todays forecast was rain, we were hoping the rain would hold off until lunchtime, but we weren't that lucky. One of J's nursery friend and her mum, came along to the 3 sisters park with us today, so we could show them how beautiful it is. When we arrived and fed the ducks, there was no rain, so we could enjoy letting all the girls get really close and hand feed the swans.
 Just after we set off on our walk though, the heavens opened... and it did not stop. The girls were well prepared, but S refused to put her hood up, and the mummies, were not so prepared. I really must buy better waterproofs.
 The girls loved running in the mud, and even enjoyed me joining in. A little around the walk, the girls found some daffodils, and wanted to pick some. They had already climbed on the grass and picking, so we said just one each....  oh I do like flowers....
 J and L enjoyed running off ahead to find the puddles, whilst S stayed behind trying to avoid the puddles.
 The girls wouldn't even leave the puddles alone whilst they ate their crisps... and yes its still raining.

 S didn't like hanging around waiting for the girls to get even more wet, so ran off ahead... its rare that S is in the lead...
 We then headed slightly off the track to build a den. We cheated and found one already half built, so just added to it. The girls really enjoyed this, especially as they could pick their own sticks of varying sizes of the ground nearby.

 L almost clonked S with this huge branch... they were thinking BIG!!
 The girls still needed their hoods up whilst in the den though.
 After the den building, it was time for more puddles, they were getting bigger and more often as the rain still hadn't stopped.

 J fell over in a trench, and got stuck.
 So S decided to go and sit with her, thinking she was having a break.
 And L fell in the trench, and got so stuck...
 that L's mum had to help her out....
 The girls then found a worm, S fell in love with it, and refused to let it go. All 3 girls got to feel the worm, before we let it go again, I hope S didn't squeeze it too much.
 It then came back to the puddle splashing again, and a competition on who could make the biggest splash.
 Before it became all too much, and the girls gave up...

Was another lovely day at the 3 sisters park, and proves you can have fun no matter what the weather. However the rain did stop us staying out too long, just over an hour was plenty, and then it was time to warm up at the nearby McDonalds.
Its so nice to see the girls socialising with their friends outside of school, and exploring new experiences together.
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  1. Was a Very memorable day L had lots ov fun and I manage to wash my muddy boots cant wait for the next adventure love mummy B XXX (L 's mum)

  2. What a wonderful post, I am so glad you carried on your walk inspite of the weather. You can see from the girls faces that they were loving the rain and puddles, Having them so well dressed makes all the difference. You just need to kit yourselves out next time! Thank you for linking up with me on Country Kids.

    1. They really did enjoy themselves. Compared to a walk a few months ago without the right clothes where it ended in tears... I must get some waterproof trousers then I'm laughing, coat and wellies I already have. Any recommendations?

  3. It looks like you all a had great fun!! Even if it was a bit muddy!! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

    1. Yes it was very muddy, but that's what made it more fun I think! :-) Thank you

  4. It looks like lots of fun was had, and I love the girls waterproof clothing. I have boys, but like you I need to get myself better kitted out so I'm not as reluctant to get out with them in the lovely weather we have here! #binkylinky

    1. Thank you. J is wearing muddy puddles and S is a bluezoo onesie from Debenhams. :-) They are such pink girlies... I don't think I could carry that off.

  5. What a lot of muddy puddles! Looks like a lot of fun.
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky


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