Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Hunt at the 3 sisters

 We just love the park at the 3 sisters, so much so, that when we heard they were doing an Easter hunt with egg rolling, we had to go along. For the egg rolling, they asked if you could bring along a boiled egg, so to keep the girls occupied this morning, we let the decorate theirs with felt tips.  

 Once they were dry, they were then put away for safe keeping. We then met up with my friend V and her 3 girls. K1, K2 and S2. J loves being around K1 and K2 as they are older. And S2 is a very similar age to S. J doesn't often see the older girls as they are school when mummy usually meets up with V.
Once we arrived at the park, we were given sheets with questions to answer, and pointed in the right direction, we were off.
A short way around we came across our first board, and the girls wrote their own answers down. Next time I will remember a clip board!

 V also brought her dog along for the fresh air and walk. J loves any dog, so every time we stopped, she got another quick stroke in.
S2, may be coming down with a bug, so she wasn't to happy on the walk, but with encouragement she was off walking and chasing the next board that was needed with the other girls.
 And S quickly wanted to hold hands with her friend.
 About half way around the route, we came to the egg rolling part. We were one of the last ones on the route, so we saw a lot of broken eggs down that hill. The girls all rolled theirs without breaking, with S rolling 13meters, J 26m, and K1 and K2 into the 30m's. Mummy on the other hand broke hers on impact, and became disqualified. Doh!!There goes my competitive streak!
 The older girls then went off ahead, and we attempted to fit the two younger ones in the pushchair, but it wasn't happening.

Even the ducklings came out to say hello!
At the end of the walk, the girls all got 2 small chocolate eggs as a treat. And rewarded with a play in the park. They all had great fun playing together.

All in all, another great day out at the 3 sisters. More fresh air, and draining some of that excess energy the girls have. Happy Easter to everyone reading.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Sounds like a great hunt and I love the egg rolling part. Every year I think about writing clues for our Easter Day hunt, but in the end I just hide the eggs themselves and leave the children to tear around the farm hunting for them.Looks like you packed in quite a walk and a good play at the end too. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids

  2. It must have been so much fun - love your photos! #CountryKids

  3. Today is gloomy so we are homebound. Weve been looking at photos of other people out all day so we will not miss the sun that much =P

    Happy easter #countrykids


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