Tuesday, 6 May 2014

What a hidden gem we have found at Glebe Farm!!

This morning Daddy M wanted to take the girls out for a few hours, so after a little tinkle on the internet, he discovered a couple of small farms nearby which allowed you to 'pet' the animals. We were going to go to a bigger farm a little further away, but after looking of trip advisor, decided against it due to its rude owners. So we tried out our very local (5mins away) farm shop, 'Glebe Farm' which has animals to pet. It is very picturesque, and as you drive up you have a large duck pond on one side and pens with animals on the other. When we went in, they had animal feed if you wish to feed the animals. (Bags of pellets were £1, and carrots 50p) We armed the girls with a bag of both each, and went looking for the animals.
The goats were very eager to get the pellets, one almost climbed out trying to get the food. This made J a bit nervous.
 They also have many Alpacas, which are just adorable, and so friendly. They were over one side of the field, but as soon as they saw the bags of feed, they came running over.
 Even S felt comfortable enough to feed them.

There is also lots and lots of sheep and a few small lambs too.
 And some very cheeky friendly donkeys, which were inherited from Blackpool Beach.

 And some pigs...

with some very small piglets

 The children were in their own pens away from traffic driving into the farm, and separate from the animals, so it was safe for S to do her usual running off, whilst cheekily laughing, waiting for us to catch her. She soon got confused, when we didn't follow chase, and even more when the big goose in front of her didn't budge...

After feeding the animals, we went to explore the court yard. It had lots of little things for the children to look at, including a bright coloured elephant statue. The farm shop was full of fresh fruit and veg, fresh eggs, jams and butters and a butchers. We will definitely be returning when our fridge and freezer is empty. The coffee shop also smelt delicious, serving hot drinks, snacks and sandwiches.
Also in the courtyard was a few nice shops. A traditional toy shop, and a little gifty type shop. There was also a place where you could do crafts, but that didn't look open today. Prices start at £1.50, so I will be eyeing that up for our next visit.
The farm also offers tractor rides. J knew this as we showed her the website before going, but unfortunately the driver wasn't in today, so we didn't get to go on it. However, S did find her own little tractor in the covered barn to play on.

After the ride on toys we made our way to the playground, which is perfect for pre-schoolers.
Not even been in our new home for 2 weeks, and this is a little gem, right under our nose. Could be a free afternoon out if we don't buy the feed, and if we do its just a few quid. They ask for you not to bring any food to eat here, as they do offer a coffee shop, but this isn't expensive. We shall be returning, and I'm sure my sister and nephews would love to visit here when they come up next month, 
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  1. I've made a note of this! Sure H and J, as well as Reece, Lilly and Matthew will love it!

  2. What an amazing find and all free to go in too. I am super impressed by the alpaca, ours can be quite naughty when they choose, these ones seem much more friendly. I can see you having much fun at Glebe farm over the summer. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  3. Looks like a lot of fun :) I love farms especially in the summer months!


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