Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fat mummy running!!

Just over a year ago, before we moved to Warrington (Move prior to this last move) I had just completed the couch to 5K programme using an app on my phone, and I had increased it to 7.5k, I was limited to the treadmill as I STILL suffer from SPD from my pregnancies, which causes a lot of hip pain, when the muscle/joints get inflamed, which was aggravated by the pavement uneven-ness. The weight dropped off me, even though I wasn't "watching" what I was eating, and my mental health was in a brilliant place.....
We then moved to Warrington, and I was unable to find a gym I truly felt comfortable in. I found one, but they only had 4 treadmills, so I felt hard done by if I couldn't get on it. So I didn't keep my running up, my mental health deteriorated,  and the weight crept up again. I was prescribed back onto happy pills, and was just ticking by....
We then moved to where we are now, I decided not to start looking for gyms again, as didn't want to get tied into memberships if I didn't feel truly comfortable. What fatty feels comfortable walking into a gym filled with slim people? I certainly don't. My birthday was approaching, and hubby was stuck for something to get me for my birthday, so I casually said what about getting my 'gait' measured properly, for me to start on-road running. Which would lead to new running shoes, This was a bit of a gamble, as I was unsure if having properly fitted running shoes would help improve my hip situation, but I didn't know what else I wanted. The gait measures how your foot hits the ground on running, to make sure you are getting the correct support. We went over to a shop in the Chill factore, that specialised in this, and got told I needed a bit of an extra support, after trying several pairs, I finally found one that corrected it. I was dubious on my first run, but it seems to work.
I also slipped into the basket a little bum bag for my phone to be hidden away so I can track what pace, and distance etc. it hides very nicely under my top. And I've pinched daddy M's hat, so I cant easily be recognised....
This is my essential little kit I take out on every run... I'm also in running tights and a bright blue top so no one should drive into me... I'm not hard to spot.... I wasn't sure what to think of running tights, but they are so comfy, so pop them on, I'm hoping that people aren't really watching me attempt to run, to really take notice.
My first run, was just before my eye situation, and I was improving... I was actually able to run further each time. BUT I had lost all that training the year previously. I am currently training on a half mile circuit from my front door back again. And the times vary from 5mins 30 seconds to 7 minutes. There is down hills as well as up hills, and its along a busy road as well as quieter roads. I'm officially a road runner.... well not really road, more pavement!! (Unless its very quiet, then I sneak on the flat road!)
J also comes with me occasionally as its such a small route. The first time she was kitted out in her 'running' gear, and took it seriously, and ran almost all of it... tonight, my first run since the eye problem, and she wanted to come again. J was adamant she didn't want to change out of her dress, but just popped trainers on.... she was not in the mental place for running.... so it was the 7 minute time.
I must say, I wasn't impressed... I don't often get out the house without S, and so when I do, I want to make the most of it. So after sorting the girls dinner, I nipped out again, and got another 1/2 mile under my belt. I've decided not to use the app this time, but just listening to my body. I'm also lowering my happy pill dose to hopefully be completely off them in a months time, so I can be the 'happy mum' I so want to be.
I am adamant, that I'm not going to be a frumpy mum at the school gates in September. but to do so, I need to step out my comfort zone..... so watch out.....THIS FRUMPY MUMMY IS GETTING MOVING!!


  1. Go you hun, your not a fumpy mummy your beautiful but know what u mean and feel the same. Keep it up hun x

  2. I always feel great after a run too :-)


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