Friday, 4 July 2014

Adventures with Barny...

We were sent samples of the Barny bear sponge cakes to review whilst on our adventures, as they are perfect for small hands, and individually wrapped for our outings. So we had great fun exploring the garden and the park with him today. Before unfortunately the inevitable happened.... and he got ate. There is currently 4 flavours available, milk, apple, strawberry and chocolate. We tried the strawberry and the chocolate, and they went down a treat, perfect for a non melt-able treat in the summer.
We started todays adventure in the garden whilst we worked out how warm it is, the girls stumbled across some hatched eggs spread over the patio, and on the trampoline. But we were unsure if the magpies had got them, or if they naturally hatched. J then got very nervous as the trampoline had a dopey bee on it... this is where S got stung last week, so we decided to head to the park instead, and leave the bee in peace, but not before grabbing a pic. Its amazing seeing it so close, and watching it pulsate.
We then Grabbed J's new bigger bike, Barny, and Daddy for an hours fresh air in the park.
Our first stop was to feed the ducks with Barny...
Followed by a ride around the park, exploring all the nooks and flowers, and ending in the park....
Of course we stopped to eat some of Barneys Friends... Barney 2 and 3.
S had hers first, as J was too busy whizzing around...  but after running along, its head broke off, resulting in a 2 year olds tantrum... its so nice, she didn't want to loose out.
Then J realised S had a cake and stopped to have hers...
Before Whizzing off again... she is building confidence on her new bigger bike.
But still having a few topples, as the stabilisers aren't level with the ground, so she can learn to balance a little.
After the exploring around the park, we went into the play park before the rain came.


  1. i have only just seen this one, my girls love the barney bears, loving the pictures of barney bear x

  2. Looks like you all had a great day! lovely photos. Harry loves Barney too. We've only tried the chocolate ones, I didn't know they did other flavours, I will have to look out for them x


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