Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Cirque du Hilarious

 Last week, we went to Blackpool to see Cirque du Hilarious. Which is situated on Central Pier, we made the mistake of going onto the pier, all the way to the bottom in search for it, whereas in fact its right at the front next to the amusements on the right hand side as you look at the pier... (please don't make the same mistake as us!)When we got there, we walked into a bar for refreshments which was very welcomed in this hot weather we are enjoying, and a small stage with seats and tables positioned around in a cabaret style.
It started shortly after arrival, and the girls were mesmerised with the dancers... J is a very keen dancer, so this was greatly appreciated, and I think Daddy enjoyed them to, but didn't let on...

...and then it went onto magic...  Wow is all I can say about the magic... daddy and I still cant work out how the tricks were done.... It was at this point that we realised 'Cirque du hilarious' was no normal circus. There was no clowns, no trapeze artists or juggling... it consists of dancers, magic shows and slapstick comedy.... which results in pain in the sides from laughing so much.

It had the girls entranced the entire 90 minutes (with a small break in the middle) with laughter and concern...


With the show story lines they draw the audience into the scene, so be prepared to get a little or possibly a lot wet.... most of the audience was sprinkled with the water pistol, but poor S got soaked by a bucket of water.... and no spare clothes... which resulted in an almighty shocked scream and cries... poor S... but was glad I had hidden the camera from the bucket, but poor S got the brunt of it.

There were many different scenes so the joke didn't get bored, which I wont go into here, as I don't want to spoil it for you... but here are a few snapshots of our show...

It was a lovely family afternoon, that kept us adults and the girlies amused, and rounded off our day nicely. You can see what else we did to fill our day in Blackpool here.

Would I recommend it.... YES!!! They are only at the pier until the 31st August though, so if you want to see them, be quick. They have showings every day except Fridays at 3.30pm, they may have one at 1pm too, but please check as it has been cancelled due to heat the last week. A family ticket is £26, an adult £10 and a child £8.
We were given a complimentary family ticket in return for an honest review, all words, pictures and opinions are my own.

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