Friday, 25 July 2014

Foodie festival @ Tatton Park

Last weekend we were kindly given free entry to the Tatton Park foodie festival. We have been in the previous years, but this year the advertising seemed to miss us, so was glad to receive these tickets. We chose the Saturday, and this particular day the weather was horrendous... with a storm the night before, and another one passing through, throughout the day. We thought it would be like the last years, under a huge tent/gazebo so didn't pack coats, as it was still extremely hot, but very wet. 
So..... what a shock when we arrived.... no big tent.... this was going to be fun....

It was after entering, when I realised I had left my phone in the car, so I ran back leaving Grandma and the girlies watching the band warm up... in the rain.... the stalls were all under cover, but the guests.... nadda.... this was a real let down.

J was not happy....
After we got ourselves sorted, the rain seemed to ease, so we got browsing... the first stall to grab our attention was Whiteys Gourmet Popcorn, we were able to try the different flavours, and I was amazed at the quality of the popcorn. I am a big fan, and have tried various brands, and home popped... these samples though, left none of the corn on the roof of your mouth... BONUS.... I loved the sweet chilli flavour, and the girls the cocoa popcorn, so we bought both to take home.

The next stall was CHEESE..... again we are huge cheese fans...the girls prefer the cheddars, and I am willing to try anything without mould on, so got stuck into the samples, whilst Grandma bought some to take home.

We were also tempted by the ceramic frying pans, and we both almost brought them... they looked fantastic... the guy just blew the omelette off the pan, now that is non-stick! WOW!! Will have to pop one of these on my Christmas wish list.... (hint hint!)

After the demonstration stalls, there was a chutneys area, but this seemed to attract a lot of WASPS... im petrified of wasps, so we moved swiftly on to the sweets and fudge, where the girls got a sweet straw thing each.

It then started to really rain heavy, so we got through the next stalls very quickly, but the pure stall caught my eye, as the girls needed a drink. I got J (the fussy one) to try a few samples of their juices, and she loved the wheatgrass one. WOW!! She is drinking organic, raw cold pressed vegetables and fruit.....SO........ that was sold. It was £4 for one 200ml bottle, or 3 for £10. So the girls had one each, and as Daddy was getting ill with the stress of work at the moment, we took one home for him to benefit from the vitamins.

We then decided as we were like drowned rats, we would call it a day, the girls were getting miserable, and cold, and had had enough. Which was a real shame, as there was still stalls to be seen, but didn't want to get ill. BUT... on the way out, the ladies on the Colgate stall gave us a bit of shelter in the blow up tent/igloo and offered the girls some ice cream to see if the toothpaste would help J's sensitive teeth. And.... she said it did  a little, and that's just one application leaving it 60 seconds, so that's a hit. She then went on to share it with S, which was a special moment. YEAY!
So here are the goodies we got whilst visiting the foodie festival. 

There were some points I really didn't like about the show this year, which is a real shame,
  • It was not undercover, which meant not only did the paying guests get wet and not want to have drink and food at the festival, but also meant wasps...
  • I could not see any toilets, there may have been, but in the rain, couldn't find anyone to ask, so had to take J behind one of the stalls.
  • Entry into the park via car was another £5 on top of the ticket price. National Trust members still had to pay. Which makes it all add up. If we had to pay, £12 per adult, plus parking its £29 before we even get to see the products.
The plus sides:
  • Cash machines were available if needed.
  • Lots of lovely food and products relating to cooking etc, all in one place.
  • Workshops were under cover, once you queued up to register in the rain (about a 30minute wait)
Would I return next year? That depends.... on the weather... however if they return it back to under cover, yep!


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