Sunday, 31 August 2014

Potty training update.... again!

This just a quick post to update on where we are with S potty training. I haven't really had much to update on before now.

We attempted potty training with bare bottom.... and she is 100% on that now, when she has nothing on, she is trained. Within a few days of her getting dry we attempted a supermarket shop, and I was brave enough to try her with knickers.... it was a success. When we reached the checkout, she then said she needed the loo.... que mad dash to the loo's whilst the cashier packed for us... however she refused to go on the big toilet as she was scared she would fall in. When we got back to the car, I tried her on the potty... and she did it... yeay... our first outing, a success!
The next day, we did a much shorter trip to another supermarket, and she had an accident. Didn't tell me, until we got back to the car and I noticed her knickers were wet.
We decided then for our trip to LEGOLAND we would put her in a nappy again, she is absolutely fine in soiling the nappy, and will happily sit in it. After our trip away we went back to bare bum, and she was straight back to doing it. We then attempted knickers at home....
... every time she had knickers on, she wouldn't even try. They would be soiled within 10 minutes. We tried saying they were big girl knickers, they need to stay dry. She even pulled them up and down to show us she could do it.... I felt like we were going back to square one.
HOWEVER.... today, I decided no matter wha, she would be in knickers. And so far... so good... no accidents. Its only been half the day, but its another tick finally on the list to becoming toilet trained.

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