Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Potty training update....

Last week I posted about the lead up at the very start of potty training here. We are just starting day 7 here, and I still cant say we have cracked it....

We have had all sorts of potty incidents over the last few days... here is a brief summary of the ups and downs... and not just the jumping off the potty!

Day 2: Great start in the morning, having 3 successful potty's. Afternoon, she got LAZY and didn't even try, having a few accidents, and just before bed, a huge accident on our fabric settee, not moving so didn't realise until it had soaked all the way through, and into the base..... not a happy mummy.....

Day 3: This was my most OMG.... day of potty training.... whilst I was having a shower, S decided she needed a #2 it was half on the potty, half on the floor, and smeared all over the back of the seat... she also decided to get some wooden musical clappers (like clam shells) and attempted to pick it up with them getting it stuck all inside, and then using that to draw over the walls.....  This did not get a sticker, even though she tried, due to the behaviour after, so only 2 successful attempts on this day.

S's artwork without pens....
Day 4: She didn't even try, we had a houseful of other children, and family friends, playing outside, we didn't find accidents inside but only had to empty one potty all day.... hmm..... think she may have been watering the garden??

Day 5: This day we had a party at a play area, and decided she was not competent, or even slightly potty trained to attempt it nappy less, so we stuck a nappy on with tights so she couldn't remove it easy enough. But she had 1 success again. She was extremely tired and irritable on this day, so don't think this helped.

Day 6: WOW... something must have suddenly clicked or she didn't like the nappy last night, as she had 4 successful potty's without any reminders...  she's happy to flush the toilet now too, and we only have 1 sticker left on the 1st pack of stickers, so half way through to her getting her bribery toy.... only 3 small accidents...

She seems to have mastered the #2 on the potty as haven't had to pick any up, or found any stuffed anywhere, apart from day 3 shenanigans... so its just the #1's we need to sort, but not sure if her kidney reflux is playing a part or not?? As she will happily sit on the potty for 10 minutes at a time and think she has done something and not???


  1. Reading your post made me feel soooo much better! We have started potty training with our son. We have days when he is really good, no accident and days when he is just lazy. We wondered if we were doing something wrong and if we should stop but by reading your post I can see that we are not alone!

  2. She is getting their slowly hun but doing fantastic x

  3. I know this really hard. My daughter is okay in the day times but nap time she still has no control Wondering how to get her stop that.

  4. Certainly brings back memories lol and you have a budding new artist too !!


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