Thursday, 25 September 2014

The breaks have gone on for potty training!!

My regular readers will know that we have been attempting potty training with S for a while now, since the summer holidays!! The last post I wrote on it is here. We were going so well....

She is still 100% trained when she is naked from the waist down, but as soon as you put knickers on, she soils them. AND... she is happy sitting in it. No matter what I do, she still does we are putting the speed breaks on for a few more weeks... the final straw was a huge poo filling her knickers and happily sat on the fabric settee.... legs spread wide....ARGH!!!
We are attempting again in the October half term.... She is almost 32 months so at that age where she should be capable.... I am certain she will be there by Christmas.... our next attempt will only use nappies at night.... NO MATTER WHAT!!!

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  1. Good for you for putting the breaks on and waiting until she's ready. They all get there in their own sweet time I think. No-one goes to work in a nappy after all! Have you tried a potty training book like Princess Potty? Worked wonders for my eldest. Good luck whatever you decide to do x


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