Monday, 1 September 2014

The start of my new journey....

Today marks the 1st of September.... The month my eldest starts school, the day that I am changing my lifestyle so I will no longer be the fat mum at the school gates....
Here is to the new me, and the challenges that lie in front of me.... it wont be easy, but I am prepared to fight for the healthy fit me that is screaming to get out of this body.

What am I doing to change my lifestyle? I have just signed up to the 2 sizes in 8 weeks body transformation challenge.

I have to eat clean... that means like the caveman.... if its grown, swam, or breathed you can eat it... if its got chemicals and names you cant pronounce its off the cards.... no more sweeteners, no more dairy (apart from goats cheese)...AND the big thing to me.... no more coffee..... this is the hardest part for me, so instead I'm going to cut it right down to social situations only, with nut milks.
I will be drinking only water.... and giving my food all the nutrients it needs through food.... the more colourful the better...
Workout wise is just 3 x a week to start, doing interval training, and I am sent a workout each day its needed, and different each time so no boredom. Its tough, and you certainly need a shower after. I did it for a few weeks at the start of the summer holidays, but with the temptations I soon reverted back to old habits. However, that trial has proved to me how great I can feel off the gluten, and I know now that my IBS is linked to Gluten. If I have the energy, I'm hoping to get back into my running, on my rest days. as I had to stop just after I started due to Daddy M having to study for his 6 monthly exam, and me going running for the 20 minutes, added extra stress that wasn't needed.
I need to start putting myself on my list to look after and nurture.
I have always battled with my weight, I have tried all the diets going, I have succeeded in most of them for a short time... and I have looked great, until old habits come back. Now I know this clean eating and no coffee wont last, but for 8 weeks I am going to give it my all... and then after that, one cheat day a week... and allow myself coffee if my body will be ok with it once I re-introduce it.
I will post once a week here (hopefully), and will probably tweet and instagram regularly about my new journey I'm about to take, and I would love some lovely paleo recipes if you have any....
But here is a quick look and some inspiration to myself that I can do it.... here is my weight journey over the past few years....
This is my favourite slim picture... not skinny just right for me... taken 2010
Wanted to be slimmer for my wedding, but things didn't work out,
but covered my arms to help me feel slimmer
August 2013, didn't realise how far I had come on my slimming world journey until this picture

January 2014, this was just before the weight started piling on... just before my depression reared its ugly head

one of the nicest pics with me at the biggest, I normally delete all the picture when I'm as big as this.
I would ideally like to loose 3 stone in total, but would be happy with the 1.5 to take me back to my comfort zone which I can easily maintain... anything lower would be amazing! 
So my first goal... 7Ib in 4 weeks.... wish me luck!!!


  1. Good luck. I'm desperately needing to do this. Tempted to sign back up at the gym to go at silly o clock at the weekend

    1. Thank you. And good luck to you too.... its not easy but it is do-able x

  2. Oh my goodness, you're gorgeous! Good luck losing weight but you look wonderful regardless.

  3. Good luck with your journey. You look great as you are but I understand that sometimes unless your happy within yourself compliments don't change how you feel - for me anyway. I think your fab anyway but hope you achieve what you set out too

  4. Good luck! This week sees hubby and I also eating clean. I've done it before and it does work. We became lazy after our summer holiday and it is time to get back on the wagon!

  5. Good luck! I am currently trying to lost (what feels like) a million pounds before my wedding, which is actually about 5st so I will be struggling alongside you!


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