Sunday, 12 October 2014

Healthier me.... my journey so far... 4 weeks in.

I last posted my update on my attempt to become healthier about 3 weeks ago. Which you can read here. I was struggling with m food, but could see a little change, and then decided to keep it simple.

I arranged for our main meals for a week to be based around roast dinners, potatoes and veg, and come day 5, was still on plan with the nutrition, I did not feel deprived, and enjoyed cooking without the stress of a new recipe every day. Come day 6 though, hubby didn't want any more roast dinners though, and his cravings were kicking back in, and I didn't want to waste a joint of meat on just me... so we caved in, and have since struggled to get back on track, which is going to change again now, I am going to make healthier meals, and will serve it up, so they can eat t or go hungry. :-) I need to start putting myself first.
But that's all I am going to say on the nutrition front, as what I am doing is not just about nutrition. I also do very hard, and I mean HARD exercise's 3 times a week. They come through to my email address, and are different each and every time. They started easier, but now consist of 20sec very intense exercises with 10 seconds rest, or various other timings, you think as its short bursts it wont be too tiring, but oh it really is.
We did a fitness test at the start of the 4 weeks, and then again at the 4 week stage, and I have noticed a HUGE difference already. Look at the difference just 4 weeks and 30minutes 3 times a week can do... as I cant say nutrition is perfect...YET!!

                                                               Week 1                               Week 4
                         Full squats                        25                                       38
                         Press ups                           17                                       31
                         Burpees                             8                                         13
                         Plank                                 20 secs                               43 secs
All the exercises are done in my front room, and require no equipment, what so ever, I normally do it from my laptop, whilst the girlies are watching one of their TV programmes, and sometimes they attempt to join in, J is obsessed with burpees, and I have no idea why, I hate them with a passion. But all the squats, lunges, press ups, planks, star jumps, jumping squats etc are all helping to mould me to a healthier me. And a smaller me... which I'm more then happy with, the programme I am following is loose 2 dress sizes in 8 weeks, I don't think I will achieve this, but I haven't been following the nutrition side, but once I have tweaked this side, im looking forward to the results as I will be joining the gym very shortly too so I can get some much needed ME time.
I love being a mum, but when that's all I am 24 hours a day, it does bring me down, im slowly loosing myself to the routines, and unable to return to work due to the expense of child care and hubby "I wont get a day off", I'm stuck at home, so hoping the odd 45minutes here and there will help me keep my sanity.
So here is to the next 4 weeks, with even more exercise thrown in, and bringing in the reins on nutrition....
Can you see a difference??


  1. Have a nice new week, lovely fots in blog Greeting from Belgium.

  2. Well done, you can see a difference. I need to start doing the 30 Day Shred again - lost the momentum and well it is so hard to start up again. Dieting is hard - I love bread too much. x

  3. I can definitely see a difference, you're doing brilliantly! I really need to up my exercise to help with my weight loss. Well done, keep up the fab work x


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