Monday, 10 November 2014

5 alternative things you can do with a Revel Body SOL sonic vibrator

Yep... you read the title right. This post is all about a Vibrator. Before you click close, im not going to go into the details, as im just not that type of person, and my blog is not built for that sort of details!
Instead im going to give you 5 ways to use a vibrator that you may not have thought have before.
  1. Play catch with a friend.... yep you heard me, good old throw and catch.
  2. Massager.... it works well as a neck and back massager. Even my girlies liked massaging their arms and legs with it!
  3. Stress ball.... you can roll it around in your hands and all your stresses will roll away too. (well kind of)
  4. Helping to make a friend smile in an innocent way. Yep, I made a friend who was a little down try and guess what it is... and she didn't guess until she made a joke saying its not a vibrator is it?
  5. Mini bath spa.... make the water move for a gentle spa.

As you can tell by the alternative uses, this is not any normal vibrator. There is no rabbit ears in sight and it doesn't look like one either.

On my twitter and instagram sites, I have had people guessing what it could be... some guesses are a computer mouse, speaker, or a game buzzer. Basically anything but a vibrator. But to be fair the picture did not include the attachments.
You can use it several different ways, with the various attachments... it comes with 3, that attaches to the middle, to give different types of stimulation.
Or you can use it 'backwards' where it gives a suction feel. I have been told it gives.... The.Best.Bath.Ever. It is meant to feel like oral sex, what normal vibrator can do that?
You can change the power settings, to increase or decrease the intensity.

and it comes with its own docking station to charge it up with a USB.

The technology is different to normal vibrators using sonic technology after conducting research. The research found that some people were using electronic toothbrushes for more then just brushing teeth....
The centre comes out, which is the vibrator, and slots back in with magnets, so if you or your partner has a pacemaker, this is not for you! I was sat for a good 10 minutes talking and fiddling with the magnet effect... simple things keep me amazed. It is fully waterproof so is safe if you need to hide away in the bathroom. It is smooth, and stylish, and I've not seen anything like this before. But hey, im usually a prude.
If you want to know more,  Check out their website here. If you order direct from them, you get a 30 day money back guarantee, and it comes with a two year guarantee.  If you want to buy one here is the link.
I was given the Revel Body SOL Sonic Vibrator for the purpose of a review. All words, photos and opinions are my own.

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  1. Very clever post, and had to contain myself from laughing to start off with, O was disappointed though when it turned out to be a massager , Great post

  2. Best post I will read all week. Giggling here, you've reviewed it in such a funny non pervy way too. Well done.

  3. Great post.....I read somewhere a few people were reviewing these and did wonder how they were going to phrase the post! Well done you x

  4. Lol funny and great post! Lots of giggling here. x

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