Monday, 17 November 2014

Dear Santa....

So this weekend officially started our Christmas crafts and activities with the girlies. If you follow me on Instagram, you may well know I am Christmas OBSESSED!!! I just love the build up, and the challenge to make it magical for the girlies.
This weeks task was a simple one... the list for Santa... We have already done our girlies gifts, but wanted to make sure we had some from the list... but  few surprises have come up, so we are hoping Grandma may pull it out the bag... if not, I may be pushed to use the credit card for just one more present...  they are not getting everything on the list, but the one present each they showed the most enthusiasm for whilst writing the list.
The girls are both at different stages, so we decided to do 1:1 with both girls, daddy helped J and I helped S. We decided to get S to cut and stick into a board for us to then write her list for her, and J went through the big book of toys for ideas, with daddy writing everything down, for J then to pick 5 out of the long...long.... list for her then to write herself.
This was a perfect activity to do whilst dinner was cooking, and helped S practice her scissor grip...

J went a bit toy demanding, wanting lots on each page.... (yep, we used a catolog from a well known toy store for inspiration, as all we were getting was boy marrying Barbie!!)

S soon finished her present board, and got down to play....

S's list.... wanting lots of princess Lego... and the interactive dolphin!
 J took her time and wrote her letter very well, but used up the page before any list was written, so we had to put the actual list on the back. We have noticed a HUGE change in her writing since she has started school, and she's even attempting the spelling of words herself too.

After the list, she then drew lots of pictures, and made a border using a pattern... it was beautiful.... her first real list.... We had told her we are posting them to Santa, but didn't want to post this work of art, as this would need a place in her memory box.

Dear Santa, I would like, Lego, Barbies, Wii U, Board Games,
Whilst J was at school today, I managed to slip her letter out, and re write it with a letter explaining her beautiful art work was kept behind. We then found the Royal Mail Santa's postal address, and wrote the envelopes out, ready to be posted after school.
They are now en-route to reindeer land. I think this is a fab idea from the Royal Mail, I am not sure if we will get a reply, but some lucky children do. All they ask is its sent by 6th December to be in with a chance, and then I think it all depends on the demands.... well Santa is busy getting ready after all.... If you want to send yours off too, the address is.....

 Santa’s Grotto,
  XM4 5HQ

All you have to do is pop a stamp on, and include your child's name and address so they know where to reply too.
I will let you know if we get a reply!


  1. What a lovely idea. As a child my Christmas list included circling everything in the Argos catalogue! x

  2. Ah this is so cute! I used to love sending Santa letters. I remember once we even emailed him, and got a personalised response! ;)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. Aww! Such a lovely idea! My girls have been through the Argos catalogue

  4. This is fab. We plan to help O write his list this weekend and send it off to Santa ☺ I love Christmas!

  5. Oh how lovely. Love the picture board idea, might try this with Jessica if we do a Santa letter with her this year :-)

  6. Aww that's just the sweetest thing ever!!


  7. Such a cute thing to do and what a great family activity aswell x

  8. Aw looks like fun! can't wait until my little one is older so I can do the same with my little boy.


  9. I can't wait for my 2 to be old enough to start doing things like this! Shy is just over 2 and a half and we are going to start with basic Christmas cookies and a first nativity book this year. Baby L is only 6 weeks so due his first Christmas outfit! Can't wait xx

  10. So sweet what a lovely idea!!! Fingers crossed you get a reply :) xx

  11. Aw this is a lovely idea. Baby M isn't old enough for lists yet but I can't wait to do something like this with him. Hope Santa replies xx

  12. Oh this looks like such good fun. I used to love cutting up the Argos catalogue when I was little. Thanks for linking up to #TinselTuesdays

  13. Looks like she enjoyed this. Thanks for linking up with #festivefriday . Hope to see you next week :)


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