Thursday, 27 November 2014

Elf on the Shelf

Our house is very lucky to have an elf come stay with us in the run up to Christmas, he is like no other elf, as I made him myself out of a pair of stripy socks... the girls adore him, and is a very sensible elf. When he arrives on the morning after the Christmas tree goes up, he always brings goodies like pyjamas, Christmas themed reading books, and a few Christmas DVD's to add to our collection. Sometimes he has bought posh hot chocolate too.

The first Christmas he was just for cuddles, and there were some very special first cuddles...  and last Christmas he wasn't really involved much apart from filling the wooden advent calendar.

This year, we are going to bring more life into him. Our elf Buddy, is bringing an elf in training, called Jingles. Jingles is a new recruit, and this is his very first year out of the North Pole. He is sneaking out early to see them in their sleep and leave a few presents on Saturday morning.

Sunday morning, he will be sneaking out again to make the girls a "traditional" north pole breakfast.... think sugar... and lots of it... (Didn't want to overload them on a school day with sugar) Buddy the elf catches him, but decides to let him finish it, but the girls are told he is being naughty, as its against the rules.... during his stay with us, Jingles is going to be very mischievous in the first few weeks, turning into a good elf by the end of, after Buddy helps him do it right.

I really hope the girls enjoy this part of Christmas magic, as im learning as I go along... and hoping to make lots of smiles and giggles.... its all put on paper so hoping the plan goes smoothly.... time will tell.... I will be updating about their antics regularly.... hopefully!
And capturing those special cuddly moments too, as unlike the 'traditional' elf on the shelf, our elves love hugs and snuggles...
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  1. Cant wait to see what u come up with hun. X

  2. Aww, your ideas sound fab :D Stacey is a little old for Elf on the Shelf now but I'm hoping to do it with Oscar when he's older :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. This sounds very sweet!

  4. This sounds really cute! :)

    Meimei xx

  5. That is so sweet, what a great idea! I just haven't got the energy for elf on the shelf yet but it does look like fun, I hope to manage it one year! xx

  6. such a cute and fabulous idea, I love the sound of your sensible elf and yes his new recruit too ! xx Manjiri -

  7. I've heard about Elf on shelf last year, and saw some pictures on social media. Sounds interesting! :)
    Lilinha Angel's World

  8. It's sweet that your elf is getting a helper. I love elf on the shelf/ elf magic. It's so nice to create memories for your children like this. Another lovely #festivefriday

  9. Oh I love him. So cute that he is original. I can't wait to see what he gets up to. Thanks for linking up to #TinselTuesdays


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