Thursday, 20 November 2014

Let the imagination run wild with Hug-Mi

When a new up and coming company tweeted me on twitter, I was keen to learn more about their new product, and was cheeky to ask for a sample to review. They happily accepted in return for a review. The company is Hug-Mi. The product, a backpack like no others I have seen.
You probably wont have seen them before either, as they are so brand new, they are on kick-starter, if they make their pledge amount, you will probably see them everywhere, as your child, I expect if they are like mine, would love them.
We got to choose the bag we could receive, so I put that one on my youngest.... She is loving the My Little pony at the moment, so it just had to be the pink pony -Poni-mi. They have lots of other designs, including various bears, which are very boy friendly as well as girl friendly, dogs, and even a tortoise.
The bag is like no other, as it also doubles up as a costume.....
S loves it so much, the first week, we had to let her wear it for the school run, even though it was empty. Its great as the costume still fits over her coat. She actually wears it too.... we have tried numerous 'Disney' rucksacks and she wont wear them for longer then 5 minutes, meaning I have to carry it along with the main rucksack filled with everyone's lunches.
The rucksack is designed with children between the ages of 3-10 in mind but younger children and older children will still love them. For the purpose of modelling the bag, J stepped up to the mark as S just wouldn't stand still.
The bag whilst being modelled is on the tightest setting, so has plenty of room as the child grows. It has an attached hood to add to the costume, but can be folded away inside its own pocket if its not wanted. It also has extra arms that come around and Hugs the child... hence the name. These attach onto the straps with Velcro like material. But again can be folded away into pockets if not needed.... they can also attach around the child's hands/wrists for imaginative play....
Front view

Back view

Showing off the hugging arms
 The bag is so soft, even after being caught out in the rain. and has a large inner space. The zip is how I can only describe like a big smile shape, so it really opens the bag up, and has a net to stop everything falling out.
My girls just love wearing it and dressing up with it at the same time.... S only wears it in full on dress up mode, as demonstrated by J... mid neigh... as ponies do...
Since we have had it, I have not had to carry it, so it will be a success for all her toys on our walks that she insists she takes along for the ride. As she grows older, I can sneak her juice bottle in, and spare clothes, and if im feeling mean the families lunch as its that big.
So where can I get it from you ask?? Well they are available through kick-starter if you pledge £25, if you wish to pledge more, you can even design your very own hug-mi bag. If you wish you can pledge a little less and get some more great things. The kick-starter pledge campaign ends on 21st December, so they don't have long to wait to get to the target. So if you fancy helping about a new company, or buying one of these fantastic rucksacks pop along to Kick-starter for Hug-Mi. where you can also view a great video showing the different designs, and the company specs of the product.
I was given this bag in return for a review, all words, photos and opinions are my own.
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  1. how amazing!! I really need to get this for my son, the design is very different!:)

    1. It is fab. We really love ours. :-) the pledging ends on 21st December if you did want one for your son.

  2. Oh wow - that is just too cool!! Seriously considering getting one for my niece!!! :D


    1. She would love it. Mine are arguing over who gets to wear it. If you pledge, your not only buying a fab backpack for your niece but helping out a new business too. :-)

  3. This is such a great idea! I would have loved something like that when I was younger.

  4. Aww what a cute idea, definitely something kids would love! Xx

  5. That looks fab I have never seen anything like it before xx

  6. Not sure if I'm keen on this! It's certainly different, but your daughter seems to like it which is the main thing! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  7. This is fantastic. My girls would both love one of these. I wish the company every success #binkylinky

  8. Whilst I'm not particularly keen on this myself I do love the idea of the Kick Starter project.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x


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