Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The new me....

I have been letting things get the better of me recently, and over thinking one bad day. Making myself doubt myself and hide away into a cocoon. That's not me.

I'm usually a confident, smiley person, and I'm going to make that me, come out to play. I'm not suffering from depression, I'm like any normal person, and I do have off days. Days when only junk food can comfort, and sometimes one bad day does turn into a bad few days. 

I have deep cleaned the house and already the mood is lifting and I'm feeling happier. The better choices of food is coming easier too, and when I done my workout this morning, I wasn't counting down the minutes to the end.... Well maybe that is a little too far... But I did complete it all giving 110%.

So for this new me, confident, happy and not going to hide away behind depression, I decided a makeover was needed. 


This is how everyone see's me at the moment. Hair always pulled back, and not looking very feminine. 


The reason why it's pulled back is because I have thick long hair, and it's hard to control. The hairdresser spent a whopping 1hour 40 minutes on taming these locks and making it into this....


Much softer looking, more feminine, and I feel more confident, which makes me happier. Amazing how a hairstyle can make you change. 


  1. That's a gorgeous new haircut Stacey, really suits you. I had my long hair chopped off earlier this year too and find it so much better, wish I'd done it sooner. Hope you are happy with your new style too x

  2. You look beautiful and your hair is stunning. I agree that sometimes a little bit of pampering and me time makes all the difference.



  3. You look lovely! A blonde bob really suits you!

  4. I love your haircut, it really suits you. I'm always amazed at how a change of hair cut or a bit of pampering can really cheer me up as well x

  5. You look fabulous! I love the new haircut x

  6. Very nice! And well done for getting to the end of your work out with maximum effort, it's so hard isn't it! X


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