Sunday, 2 November 2014

Where is the wine??

This half term started off really bad, but turned itself around, and we've actually had a good time with hardly any tantrums or bad behaviour... lucky I know. BUT... when it turns bad, it gets ugly!!
Today actually started off very well, I had got an early night last night, so I woke up refreshed for once, and the girls were happily playing without too many squabbles. I actually managed an hour or two of blog hopping, yeay! Then it was time to get dressed, that's where it all went wrong, I should have stayed in my pj's all day.
Hubby shouted me down, S had got hold of J's Verruca cream, which was kept out in sight so we didn't forget to do it each night, and as she's been told she's not allowed to play with it, and not shown an interest in it, we stupidly thought it was ok.
S had it all around her lips, cheeks, chin, and in her hair. ARGH!! We scrubbed it off her face, but it wasn't coming of her lips, this stuff is like a waterproof sealant, so I had to push S to drink too.... S is not a drinker!! Then hubby started googling the health concerns... seek medical hep immediately if swallowed! Did she swallow any?? We are not sure!
I thought she was fine as she was showing no symptoms, and happily drank several mouthfuls. But we decided to get confirmation and phoned 111, (NHS direct) after several minutes on the phone, they sent us to A&E. After googling where our nearest one was, 25 minutes away, we were on our way. Once we were checked in, we waited and waited... the children's waiting room was great for the kids, but no staff to monitor. Another child came in to wait with a medical person, so I asked if it was ok to eat or drink as the NHS direct lady said for her not to. We got the thumbs up, 2 minutes later we got told it was another 2-3 hour wait and that there was an out of hours gp appointment back near home, so another 25 minute drive there and another 30 minute wait.... the gp didn't understand why we were there, and in all honesty I just wanted to go home, S was ok, her normal self, albeit with a very red lip. We literally went in, he checked in her mouth, no burns and off we went... Phew, but ARGH all that waiting for 2-3 minutes!!!
It feels like we have wasted a day, but I know if I didn't go down, and something did burn her inside I would feel so bad, but why pass us from pillar to post. If they saw her eating and drinking at the hospital why not say she is ok then? I love our NHS, but sometimes it does get silly....
We finally got our lunch at 2.30... I decided to bulk it out as the girlies usually eat dinner around 4.30, and I was in no capacity to cook like planned, so pizza, and yellow sticker cakes it was to be!
After dinner the girls decided to go upstairs to play, S is nappy less at home as we are trying her potty training again, and yes you guess it after about 10 minutes, J comes down.... MUM THERE IS A BIG POO ON MY BEDROOM FLOOR!! Argh!!!
I run up, to find it all smeared in, and walked around the entire upstairs, all soft and thick and sticky, you know the type.... great.... its going to need the carpet cleaner tomorrow on them, but for tonight they had to do with just a scrub with soapy water....
Girls have now been sent to bed at 6pm due to a late night yesterday at the firework show, and because mummy needs a glass of wine. Those two incidents on their own don't sound too bad, but the poo took 45 minutes to clean up, hospital was 4 hours waiting with two tired children.
Im not sure if its because im sleep deprived after getting up between 2 -8 times a night with S who is cutting her back teeth for the past 4 weeks, no true lie in since summer holidays, up at the crack of dawn everyday hushing the girls to be quiet so daddy can sleep, waking when daddy stumbles in from work at 3 am in the morning, or if its just mummy hood, my depression slowly sinking its claws back in, or loneliness. Either way I know im not in a happy place right now, but the girlies have had a good half term, I've hidden this side from them, but now im going to pour myself a bottle of wine, pig out on junk, and try to forget all about it whilst watching my programmes on TV. And that's why you have seen no fitness and diet updates for a while as that has taken a huge back burner.   


  1. Carson had rose smelling breath one day, a very familiar smell... turned out to be the jelly bubbles from a reed diffuser jar. It had been on a unit taller than me, way out of reach, but when a door slammed shut, it fell over unbeknownst to us. We were in a&e for 12 hours observation an nowt wrong with him at all thankfully... his nappies smelt of roses for 2 whole days afterwards haha!
    These things do happen. Scary at the time though for sure! Glad everything was ok for you too!! Xx

  2. Hugs to you! What a scary time! What a day! Enjoy your wine it sounds like you deserve it!!

  3. What a stressful day you've had - that glass of wine sounds like it is much needed. So glad S is ok and hope you get some more sleep soon and things start looking up x

  4. Glad she's okay! What a stressful day though!


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