Friday, 5 December 2014

Bakerdays Cake and giveaway!

I was lucky enough to be asked if I would like to review a letterbox cake by Bakerdays. They don't just do letterbox cakes though, they also do personalised cupcakes, which comes with a 2 tier stand too, as well as individual containers, making them ideal for party bags. If your not a cupcake fan, they also do personalised birthday cakes too. They have lots of themes, and pretty much do a cake for any occasion. And lots of sizes too, to cater for every need. They do look fantastic, and I know if I ever couldn't make my girls birthday cake, I would look here, rather then buying one of the same generic ones from the supermarket.
Anyway.... my letter box cake.... its exactly that. Its a cake that came through my letter box.

I could pick my own design, we chose an elf design, as we knew the elves would be with us imminently. We also chose the wording too. I asked for the fruit cake option, as its a Christmas cake after all isn't it?? You could also choose a sponge cake, chocolate chip cake, Gluten Wheat free, or dairy free, which is great for someone with allergies too. I put my order in on Friday, and when we arrived home late on Saturday, I almost stepped on it walking through the door.... now that is what you call service.... perfect timing for our north pole breakfast on Sunday.

Presentation wise, it comes in its own tin, and cellophane wrapped inside, plus a cracker and a card you can personalise too.

The cake itself, looked exactly like the one I ordered...

 It is recommended the letterbox cake to have 3-4 servings. We found this for 4, still to be plenty. The cake was moist, and the jam that helped it stick the board, made it very sweet, so could have done 4-6 servings in my opinion.

 It was lovely, and I expect it to make an ideal gift for someone if you cant make a visit, but still want to send a gift this Christmas, or a Birthday.
Now I have a competition for you.... For the Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 12th December, I would love to see you in your Christmas jumper.
To enter all you need to do is upload a photo of yourself in your jumper to one of Bakerdays social media, and tag myself in it, and on the 13th, my girlies will choose their favourite photo and Christmas jumper. They will pick the winner early on Saturday 13th, so please make sure its uploaded by the 12th. I will then contact the winner for an email address, and Bakerdays will then help the winner with their cake. This prize is being given by Bakerdays.

Social media to upload your pictures to, please choose 1:

Instagram please tag mummymsmemories

Twitter: please tag MummyMmemories

Facebook: please tag mummymsmemories

I cant wait to see your pictures! Good Luck....


  1. I love this!! I really love how it's packaged and you're right it would make the perfect gift. x

  2. What a great idea to personalize a special cake. Novel to see it in an envelope.

  3. I've seen this on a blog before and remember thinking how cute it is! Great idea :)

  4. OOOOh it looks delicous!!! apart from being awesome!
    Really like the idea!
    I just wont do the jumper thing because right now im in brazil and its over 32 degres here!!! HOT!!!!


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