Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Cuddle Pirates Book review

We were sent two books from 'The Adventures of the Cuddle Pirate' series to review. The first being "The Jelly Giant" and the 2nd "The fruity fish". We were told they would be ideal for my girls and they would help encourage healthy eating. To be honest when I first heard that, I thought 'pah' Good luck with that one, lets really see if it encourages.... My J is really fussy. The only fruit and veg she will happily eat is bananas and carrots. She will eat more if its blended up and she cant see it though, so we get it in her that way. My girls favourite of the two was the Jelly Giant. 


The series is written by Kelly Elsworthy, and illustrated by Becky Dench. Both have done a fantastic job. The story was easy to follow along, and the pictures bright and colourful.

The story showed the bad guys with sugar and junk food names with rotten teeth, and burping etc... which gives visual prompts to what the naughty food does to you.
The treasure in this Jelly giant, was Jelly of course... and the cuddle pirates becomes friend with the Jelly giant by showing him he can pop fruit inside too.
The Fruity fish treasure was exotic fruits, and is used as smoothies which we already do here, so that just helped nail it in a little bit more.
Both girls enjoyed snuggling in and listening, and pointing at all the pictures, and I thought nothing else off it until the next day... YES IT DOES WORK!!! My youngest could only go on about Jelly... she is usually addicted to raisins, but nope she wanted jelly, and she wanted it there and then.... we were going to a pub for dinner that day, and thankfully they had jelly on the menu!
But yes, it is now a firm favourite pudding again in the M house rather then the usual chocolate bar after dinner. They haven't been successful with fruit in it as Grandma found out after I mentioned it to her, (she made them specially for the girls after a Sunday lunch) the girls both left the blueberries in the bottom.
So thank you Cuddle Pirates for putting Jelly back on the menu for us, and helping the girls step away from the chocolate a couple of times a week. And nope, this is not an exaggeration as its a review..... my youngest is JELLY MAD NOW!!
If you want to try them out for your children, or for a gift, you can buy direct from them here. You can also order them from Waterstones or Amazon.
We were given both books for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.
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  1. That is fantastic hun, love books x

  2. ha can not go wrong with a book and always a great thing for them to be encouraged to do stuff from reading.

  3. I'm always looking for books like this for our story time here at Coombe Mill. This looks a great recommendation. Popping by from Tried & Tested

  4. The book sounds very lovely, we love jelly, we made a Christmas trifle over the weekend x

  5. These books look adorable. My four-year-old hasn't tried Jell-O yet. I'm a fan of Jell-O shots though. LOL


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