Tuesday, 9 December 2014

OOoooopps moments...

We all have Oooopps moments.... but im on about the embarrassing oops moments here. I don't often have them, but unfortunately, yes they do happen. It happens more in the winter due to all the colds going around.
You must know the Oops moments im on about by now, and I know im not the only one that has these moments after speaking to a close friend, I KNOW im not alone. It shouldn't be embarrassing as a lot of women suffer from weaker bladder control after having a child, and some whilst even pregnant. Since the birth of my youngest, my control has slowly got better, but due to my rhinitis, when I get a cold, I don't get the usual 2-3 sneezes, its more 8-10 in a row.... by the 7th time.... Oops! And as I found out this week with my "man flu"... it also happens when I have a really bad cough. Oops.
So why am I divulging this information?? Because its normal. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it happens to more of us then you expect. There is something to help though whilst we still do our pelvic floor exercises.  Lights by TENA are perfect for these Oops moments.
They have 4 different products in the Lights range.

Light Liners
These are the smallest in the range, and are perfect for those that usually wear panty liners. They are really thin, but absorbs up to two times more then a normal panty liner.
These are longer then the light liners, and shaped to fit the body. They are only 3mm thick but absorbs more, and quicker. Which means less time for odour.
Liners Single wrap
These are the same as the Liners but individually wrapped for ease of carrying around whilst out and about. They look just like a sanitary towel wrapped up.
Long Liners
These are the longest in the range, which means they can absorb more too. They are the same thickness as the liners, and just as comfortable.
I have tried them out this week, because of my cough, I had no choice! Oops. They do as they say. They are comfortable, extremely soft, and keeps any odours at bay. Helping me to stay confident as I go about the daily routine of motherhood. I know I wont be doing what I was doing before I tried these, which was using normal sanitary towels for these moments, as TENA is actually more comfortable. And no I am not just saying that as this is a review, that is my honest opinion.
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