Friday, 12 December 2014

Sugar Lilly review

The girls recently received a parcel in the post, just for them... it was bright pink, and beautifully tied off with a ribbon. The presentation was gorgeous, and it was a shame it had to be opened. The parcel was from Sugar Lilly, a brand new company, specialising in girls accessories for girls aged 3 to 10 years old. As it was for the girlies, I let them do the honours....
They needed a little help with the ribbon, but was soon inside. J, got in first to see the delights just for them. I let them do it this way, so we could see exactly what it is they liked the most. I never know these days, as they change their minds so often.

S soon had her hands on the metal clasp purse. Bright pink, and shiny with the fantasy character... a little monkey with a cute heart shaped nose... on the front.

It was soon a scavenger hunt... on who could get hold of the most items the quickest... J took claim to the note book and stickers.

Then found a shoulder strap bag underneath, again bright pink with the Sugar Lilly monkey on the front, and flowers. This did not come off the whole evening then.

S then found one of the many bracelets... we decided to share these out between the girls.

They also found the stick on ear-rings, and wanted them on straight away. Which I just had to do, as it seemed like Christmas came early for them. With the ear-rings I found they stayed on longer then the ones I used to have as a child. S wanted some on too, and even taking a jumper off, they remained on.
Now I did the wrong thing as a blogger letting the girls open it this way, as I couldn't get great photos of the items.... but you can see the items my girls loved the most out of the selection we were given...
They loved the Shoulder bag, priced at £12.00 which is a very reasonable price, its very sturdy and strong. Its not too big to be filled with lots of things to carry, but perfect size for the purse, notebook and pencil.
The matching clip purse, priced at £4.50 again, seems strong, and is the usual size of a clip purse, the clip is strong, and doesn't break when put to the test by our destructive S.
Ear-ring stickers, these come as a sheet, with hearts, flowers, and Sugar Lilly, and are priced at £4.50. They are perfect for girls that want their ears pierced, and parents that don't want to.... like us!
They have various bracelets, priced at £3.50 and the rubber type wristbands for £2.50. And these also went down extremely well.
They have so many accessories in the range from hair clips, which have gone down well as well, and being used daily, to notebooks, and cards.
Why not check them out, especially if you are looking for Stocking fillers for Christmas, and you will be helping out a brand new company, as well as purchasing quality items, that im sure your little girl will love just as much as ours.
So if you want to get your hands on these lovely products, go to .
We were given a selection of the Sugar Lilly range, in return for a review. All views, opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. These look great - Jessica would love these. She can't have her ears pierced because of her heart condition anyway but I think she would love these stick-on earrings. Love the photos - your little ones look so happy exploring the contents of the box :-)


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