Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year, New Me... Week 1

So Thursday saw the end of my first week on the 5:2 diet, and trying to move more. I was eager to step on the scales as my clothes are already fitting better, even though I don't feel deprived, and the increase in the water (or in my case, squash) has seen an improvement in my skin too. Bonus!
I've notice my face looking slightly slimmer already, as I have seemed to have lost water retention in my neck. Not masses, but enough for me to notice.
If you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed that I have invested in the Fitbug Orb, to help me monitor my movements, and attempt to increase it, after watching the Katie Hopkins My Fat Story. It is actually really hard to reach 10k steps in a day, without a visit to the gym. I have only managed in once in the 5 days I've had it so far. I have made it to the gym twice this week, once for an interval run (switching between running and walking) and once for a swim. Daddy M has been working away, so been unable to go again with both girlies under my care.
So considering for 5 days this week, I have eaten chocolate, cheese toasties and biscuits, I was unsure what the scales would say.

Needless to say, they moved in the direction I was hoping... so the results are in....... WEEK 1....

This will be my weight loss badge...reminding me where I have started from!

Its not a huge weight loss, as I was kind of secretly hoping for, but I have certainly lost inches... my belt can be done tighter already!
Imagine what I could have lost if I wasn't still clearing out the Christmas food on my normal 5 days... my goal is to only loose 1Ib a week, as I think that is sustainable, and will get me to my goal ready for November, when I will be strutting around in a swimming costume/bikini for our 5 year anniversary around the notorious Discovery Cove in Orlando.... if that's not an incentive, I don't know one! Bring on the slow and steady, and so far.... easy weight loss!
How are you getting on with your weight loss resolutions? I would love to hear feedback.

Mr and Mrs T plus three


  1. A loss is a loss, well done you. I've heard good things about the 5:2 diet :) xx

  2. That's a great loss for a week! Well done x

  3. Completely agree with MamaMummyMum, a loss is a loss and you've done great. You are definitely going in the right direction.


  4. weldone least you making a start hun, i am so desperate to do the same , ita not only losing it but eating better and moving more

  5. Well done on making a start. I need a kick up the backside to get my weight off.

  6. That's a brilliant weight loss. Well done you. I can visualise you in that bikini already :)

  7. Well done, sounds like you are off to a great start and like you have pretty realistic and achieveable goals! Good luck and looking forwrad to seeing your progress! xx

  8. Stacey this is fantastic, the scales have moved and you feel slimmer so win win. I know what you mean about feeling deprived though because I do too but I keep thinking it will be worth it! I quite enjoyed that Katie Hopkins thing (dare I admit that lol!) Thank you so much for linking up to #52HealthyWeeks and I hope you'll join us next week xx

  9. Epic loss in your first week chick, well done! Really need to look into the 5:2 diet more - good to see you are getting on well with it. Thank you for linking up with Weight Loss Wednesday over at The next one will be going live tomorrow so look forward to your week 2 update! Sim xx

  10. That's a great loss and if you're already noticing differences, that's what you need to focus on, regardless of what the scales say :) I have a weekly Sunday weigh-in linkie if you fancy joining in :)

  11. Well done! Great start and I'm sure you'll continue to do well, thanks for linking to #BloggingToJogging xx


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