Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year, new me,...blah, blah....

Its a little later then I was hoping, due to the M house being full of illnesses until yesterday, but now they have (hopefully) gone, I am back on blogging track.

The new year brings the resolutions, and yes, I have pledged, that this year, I wont be making a new me, I shall be improving on the ME I already am.
Therefore, I want my confidence back, and want to see old photos in years to come and look back with a smile, rather then hatred at my body shape. I've recently seen photos of myself, that I had no control over, and I hate them with a passion. I'm the one to blame for that. However, I have tried the diet plans, slimming world, weight watchers, Cambridge diet and Atkins before. They don't work for me, well they do for a few months, then I slip, and boom, its hard to get beck on track. I even tried the gluten and chemical free diet back in 2014, and I now can not touch artificial sweetener without gagging. Gluten, I can touch, and as long as its not abused, I don't bloat out as much as I used to with it.

So, my plan for 2015... Im going to be trying the 5:2 diet. What is the 5:2 diet you say? Its where you eat normal for 5 days a week, and limit your calories for 2 days.
Wow, 5 days at 2000 calories.... im in heaven. Yes, the fasts are hard, but if planned right, its easier. I have just completed my 2nd fast of the new year, and I am looking forward to my weigh in on Thursday morning. There is no cost outlay for this diet either. Just good old calorie counting, and with help from My Fitness Pal, its easy, and convenient.
Of course, being healthy is my goal too, not just slim, so I am teaming this way of eating with a gym membership. Back in 2013 I completed the Couch to 5k programme, and managed to get to about 7.5k. Unfortunately we moved away from my gym, and never found one I felt happy at. This new gym, is where I feel comfortable again, so the running will start again, with some swimming.
I am also going to be looking into going back to college.....THIS YEAR!!! EEK! I will be teaching myself new skills, so I can still be the mummy around when the girls are poorly, or the school play they want me to see. Or for them to want a friend to come back for tea after school, I want to be there for all these memories, which I know a lot of working mummies may miss. The skills I will be learning, will enable me to be self employed, and work flexible hours around OUR life.
So here is 2015.... I am going to make this year count..... what are you doing for 2015?


  1. Good for you! I'm the same, I don't want a new me, I just want to get back to being me. Sounds like you have a great plan and I hope the 5:2 diet works for you, along with the gym membership! Best of luck and looking forward to reading your progress! Xx #bloggingtojogging

  2. Sounds like you have a really busy year to look forward to. Good luck with it all!

  3. You're very righwhy do we need to change ever year when we can just improve instead! I agree with that completely, very nice post!

  4. Glad your all well now and that everything goes your way in 2015 , i look forward to reading you blogs :)

  5. It sounds like you're making some really amazing and positive changes, go you! Best of luck and thanks so much for linking up with #BloggingToJogging xx

  6. sounds like 2015 is going to be a good year for you!!! Such a positive post. Good luck #bloggingtojogging

  7. blagh blagh lol, im the same usually dont usually stick by them its just another reality check for me , but this time i started two weeks early and havent touched a cigarette yet , good luck

  8. Ohhh will be interesting to see your progress... I don't know anyone else on the 5:2 Diet right now... please feel free to link up to the Weight Loss Wednesday linky over at and keep us updated on your progress! Full agree with working on the YOU as opposed to working on a new you! As for MyFitnessPal... I love it! It got me through WW the first time and will get me through again! :) Sim x

  9. Good luck hun. This is a really fab post. You sound really focussed and motivated so I'm sure success will happen xx


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