Thursday, 15 January 2015

Now TV review

Just before we travelled down south for our Christmas, Now TV sent us a lovely hamper of goodies, perfect for a family afternoon in front of the TV, including a Now TV box. We had to tune it at a set time, and watch the Muppets Most Wanted, and tweet along. I must admit, I got so engrossed in the film, my tweets tailed off near the end. There was another clause... we all had to be in onesies.... as they were calling it the winter onesie land.
Our hamper
The set up of the Now TV box was very easy. It came with the HDMI cable that goes straight to the TV, and the power plug. Its run through the internet, through Wifi, so that is a must.
We registered, and got 30 days free Sky movies.... perfect for Christmas....
The films are all done on demand, and when the 30 day trial is up, its only £9.99 a month.... WOW... that's cheaper then Sky. You can also get an entertainment package, which enables you to watch live or on demand of the 13 best channels on Sky. This is only £6.99 a month. No contract, and no strings at all. This makes it perfect. We are already in contract with Sky, but this box will nicely compliment TV watching in another room...(when we get a 2nd TV). My sister has Now TV instead of Sky, Virgin or BT TV and hasn't looked back, she finds it better then Freeview too, as there is more flexibility with the sports channels and movies.
It also makes it ideal for people wanting the movies for just Christmas, but don't want the monthly fixed expenditure of Sky TV, or if you cant have TV dishes on the home, or if you are just here for a month or two... even perfect for students... as long as you have Internet, and I would probably say unlimited download too is a must to stop any extra charges from your internet provider. If you would like to know more about this fantastic little box of magic, click here.... 
Here are some of our pictures from our winter onsie land afternoon of family fun...
And yes...  even wore my very first EVER onesie....


  1. Ive seen Now TV advertised but never really got what it was about, so I now feel a bit more informed.

  2. It sounds a bit like Sky, Virgin, Freeview and Netflix all rolled into one, I have trouble deciding what to watch on where with so many options.

  3. I kept hearing about Now TV but wasn't really sure what the fuss was about. This has definitely got me interested!
    (and nice onesie!) x


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