Thursday, 22 January 2015

Thinking back...

As you know, my two girlies, are very much growing up quickly... S turns 3, in less then 2 weeks. Where has the time gone? Originally, in the "plans" Daddy M and I had decided when I reached around the big 3-0 mark, we would start trying for our family. Which would make it in the next 18 months. If that was the case, we would have been a lot more financially secured to get the very best for our children. Obviously, our family started a little earlier then planned, and J is now 5. Money was extremely tight with the wedding planning in full swing, and deposits paid, when we found out we were expecting. We bought a lot of items second hand, and was given a lot of hand me downs too. She had everything she needed, and it was lovely. However walking around the mother and baby shops, do really get you dreaming for the VERY best, and stylish items on the wish list.
Now I don't have any more babies to buy for, as my physio and doctors have recommended I don't get pregnant again, if I want to keep my mobility. Thank you SPD. (Hip Girdle Pain). But I can still dream for the perfect nursery, cant I?
I have always loved Silver cross. They have styles to suit everyone. From the traditional coach built prams, which sound so perfect for newborns, and you can just imagine the royalty pushing the babies around in the parks, but also do the contemporary styles too, which suit me perfectly, as I am no royalty. They suit everyone. So in my hunt for my ideal nursery products. I just had to browse through their selections.
For the nursery room, I would pick the silver cross Dorchester collection. This is the exact same models I fell in love with when looking for J. I just adore the dark wood, and it would go perfect with pale walls. Its not for everyone, but I do love this. If we was starting our family now, the nursery would have these.
Silver Cross Dorchester Collection
Our girls nursery was mismatched, it served its purpose, but wasn't as luxurious as the Silver cross Dorchester, I would have loved.
J's nursery when living in Wigan
Silver cross also do lots of gorgeous pushchairs and prams too, you can see some here. I love the colours on the Linear Freeway pram and pushchair. And just love that its parent facing as well as outward facing if you wish. It just looks so cosy, and I could imagine pushing a little J or S round in this.
The girls actually had navy pushchairs, not by choice, but just through coincidence. I hated J's pushchair with a passion, so with S's I was much more selective. I chose the one handlebar across rather then separate handles, just like this silver cross, as it made steering easier, lighter, and meant I could do it one handed, so had a hand free for J walking along side. A cosy foot muff was essential too.
J's pushchair... I hated it!
S's pushchair, much more practical
I did actually love S's pushchair, as it went through thick knee high mud when it needed, but it certainly wasn't a gorgeous colour, neither would it lie 100% flat for a new born, or have the foot muff on parent facing. 
If you were to have another baby, would you choose your nursery furniture different? Or your pushchairs? What would you choose?


  1. I loved my silver cross, like you unfortunately due to medical reasons I don't think I will be expecting again :(

  2. A stroller with the one handle looks a lot better. Especially when you are pushing them around all day. x


  3. aww this is such a lovely blog post... i cant believe how quickly the time must fly! xx


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