Monday, 23 February 2015

Becoming a "healthy" family

This year the M family has taken the plunge to become a healthier family. As a result, we are hoping Daddy and myself will loose the extra pounds we have gained since meeting each other. This means lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and fresh meats.
I find a lot of fruit goes of very quick if its in the fruit bowl, and therefore it needs to go in the fridge to help it last a little longer. With the fruit taking up a draw, we also need another draw for the vegetables. This is where Panasonic America fridge freezers come in handy. They have two draws, one that the temperature can be adjusted, and with LED's to help keep the vitamins in the produce, and the other the 5'C draw. The NR-B53V2 also has an extra draw kept at 0'C which is perfect for meat and fish too, and not forgetting the all important wine rack built in. Hey, lets face it, now that dry January is out the way, I will need a glass of wine on those bad days.
Therefore, we recently went out and bought a new American style fridge freezer, they look so stylish as they stand next to each other, rather then the fridge on top of the freezer like our old one. We have chosen a stainless steel look for our house. The ice dispenser has also gone down VERY well, and hubby s now drinking more water as its colder then the tap.
We chose not to get rid of our old fridge and freezer, and decided to store it in the garage in case. Its perfect when we are holding parties, or Christmas, or if I over buy on the fresh produce, and cant fit anymore in. Yes, that has happened.... despite the much bigger fridge, I can always fill it.
Do you like the American style fridge freezers? What are your thoughts?
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