Friday, 13 February 2015

Children and road safety

With half term fast approaching, which means more children will be out and about, are you confident that your child knows about road safety?
I must admit that when J was a lot younger, I was so over protective of her near the roads, and I suppose I still am now. They are not allowed to cross the road unless they are holding an adults hand, and if at a crossing, we wait for the green man, despite the quiet road, and the other people walking across anyway. When she first started nursery, we were walking along busy roads, so she was taught the stop, look and listen, when she was three years old. I must admit, I haven't really focussed on that with S, but after seeing the numbers on road safety, I will be starting to talk more about what mummy is looking for when we cross the road.

Did you know that 1,400 children between 0-11 are killed or seriously injured on Britain's road every year? I do not want my girls to be one of those numbers. They are supervised when out and about at the moment, but before J will be going solo, I need to make sure she knows what she is doing, and that's where rental cars has come in handy. They have produced a road safety test, consisting of just 10 questions, that would confirm that your child knows what he/she needs to look out for whilst crossing the road. I know when I was younger, we had the hedgehogs teaching us the STOP, LOOK, LISTEN... but I've not seen them around for  long time. Is that because my girls are too young?? I don't think they are.

 My task for this half term is to make J and S become more aware of road safety. Im going to ask J to do the test after school tonight, and then after a week of me talking through everything when crossing roads on our adventures, I will get her to retest. Watch out on my twitter, I will post her marks on there!!!
So why not check your child on their road safety too? Who knows, it MAY save their life....  the test can be found here.

*The quiz was sent to me by Rental Cars, but all words and opinions are my own.


  1. Very sad statistics! My son is too young (only 4 months) to learn this but when the time comes I will make sure to teach him more about road safety. Thanks for raising awareness about this

  2. Great post. I always like to ensure that my nieces are crossing the roads safely. One of my nieces is 12 and now walks to school with friends and whenever I see her I always tell her to be careful! May have to send her this quiz.

    Meimei xx

  3. Those statistics are very scary :( I just got Stacey to take the test and she did really well. 9/10 (90%). She's 11 now and I've just started letting her have a walk to the shop or to her grandma's house by herself. I always try and suggest a route where there isn't a busy road to cross or where I know she doesn't have to cross at all, but I can't be entirely sure that she listens to me, and that frightens the life out of me :(

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. Road safety is an important message for all people young and old. So many people walk around with their heads stuck in their cell phones these days both on and off the road that you have to be super diligent.


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