Saturday, 7 February 2015

IWM - North review and Half term activities

Today we were invited down to the IWM North  (Imperial War Museum) in Manchester, for some interactive story telling, some craft activities and a look around. I will admit, we have never been before as I thought the girls were too young. However, I was pleasantly surprised.
The story telling which is on every weekend, and during half term, was all about sailing the seas and the animals, and fruits that could be found. It was very interactive keeping the children engrossed, and they could even have a rummage in a bag for the fruits that could be found on the travels.

After the story telling, which I am amazed both the girls sat through, we were off to sample the  crafts. Todays craft was message in a bottle, the girls had to draw around a bottle stencil, cut it out and write their own message.
After the craft session, we were then free to explore at our own pace. We decided to go up the shard first before I chickened out... 100ft up.... on mesh floor, so you can see through it... and the walls slotted... my worst nightmare... but we all made it up. Daddy was in charge of the camera on this part though... and J had great fun in teasing me....
I can imagine the views would be stunning at dusk/sunset.
After the shard, we headed off for lunch. The girls were given a complimentary ration pack, which meant they could have a pick of 5 items from a very varied and wide selection, they found it hard to choose. They did enjoy their selection with a canal view.
I just really wish I could have said the same about our coffees. Daddy and myself each had a filter coffee, which we ordered large ones, I was amazed at the size when it came, and even questioned it... someone else wasn't impressed either by the size... but once I tasted it, I was glad it wasn't any larger...
A "large" coffee compared to Daddy's phone...
As we were leaving the café, the lunch food was all out ready, (we went early for the girls) and I must say it smelt delicious, and looked very appetizing.
After the girls were fed and watered, we then went to explore the museum. The girls loved the hop scotch in the old street in the special exhibition gallery.
J refused to try on any costumes, but I did manage to get some hats on them later on in the hands on experience...
They even found their very own tunnel they could climb through...
They saw lots of things that interested them at 3 and 5, with little knowledge of the wars...
And things they could get stuck into.... and smell.... (and gag!) If you ever want to know what the trenches smelt like, this is the place to come too... but be warned, they are strong.... have a camera ready for the reaction!
It is a great museum, that as they grow, they will get different things out of it each time. This visit was all about making it fun for them, and introducing the word WAR into their lives, and all it means. J was keen to ask in the photos and videos around, who was the bad guys in each clip or shot. We will be returning, that's for sure.
It is free to get in, and has a pay and display car park on site. £5 for up to 4 hours, which makes it a very cheap family day out. (More for longer) Picnics from home are welcome too.
The February half term activities are themed  around life at sea. You will be able to hear real life stories, get crafty with a message in the bottle craft, or scratch art sea horizon, whilst peering through telescopes. The younger visitors can take part in interactive story telling sessions, and you can try and learn some sailor slang too.
There will also be LIVE theatrical performance on Saturday 14 and Monday 16th February 2015, bringing to life stories of two women who worked in the shipyards in the first and second world wars.
They also do hands on time at 12.30, where you can really get up and close to some items... this is when the girls got to try on the officers hat, and checked out the Christmas gift the soldiers received..
So, will you be popping along?


  1. Sounds like you had a fab time. Will be taking the girls really soon x

  2. What a lovely museum this looks, so much to see and do.


  3. Awh what a great time you had! I live in Manchester but have still yet to visit the Imperial War museum.
    (Loving the view of Coronation Street by the way) ;)
    <3 Jon


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