Sunday, 1 February 2015

New Year, New me... 4 weeks in...

Ok, by now, I have normally given up on my weight loss journey, and especially as last week I gained 1Ib, although I had a good excuse as I was on my holiday. The evening on my weigh in though I had bought tickets to see Jillian Michaels (30 day shred, and Britain's biggest looser PT).
It was a great motivator, as what she was saying, is what I have been trying to do.... Eat less, move more, and choose better. She didn't really say what to eat, just avoid the chemicals etc., and exercise, just do something you enjoy. Not rocket science really, but make sure you have a 3500calorie deficit each week if you want a 1Ib weight loss. She told us how to work out our calories burned without exercise etc., and it was just a good laugh.
I also decided I would do 3 fasts this week to make up for the 1 I didn't do the week before. This is safe on the 5:2 diet as long as its not all consecutive. I actually found it a lot easier this week, and didn't feel hungry at all during those fasting days. I have decided to have ready meals on my fast days, as they are so much tastier, and much easier to work out the calories.
Exercise wise, has not been brilliant to hubbys shift pattern at work. However I did cram in a quick fast paced interval training run in the 30 minutes that J was in her swimming lesson... a perk of being a member of the same gym! (gave the mummies a good gossip, Teehee!)
Half way through week 4, I started to use my Slimpod. I was very dubious if it would work, but I am open to anything, as long as it doesn't stop me from doing what I am doing. The Slimpod is a recording you listen to everyday, and it changes your habits naturally. I thought, hey, what could I loose?? Well I will tell you what I have lost in just a matter or 3 days. I have lost my cravings for all the rubbish food... how?? Why?? Seriously? Yes, seriously....
It was the run up to S's birthday, and was shopping time for the party, I did not want any of the usual party food in the trolley, instead I choose vegetables and dips for a full tray... and limited the "junk".
It is still very early days, but I am interested in where it will take me.
I have since stopped calorie counting on my FEAST days too, as the 5:2 diet is just meant to be a 2 day a week diet.
So the big question... how am I doing this week? I was amazed when I stepped on the scales....
It has been a slow start to my weight loss, so im more then ecstatic on this weeks weight loss. Its put me on a good figure to end January on. I have lost more then this in a month on Slimming world before, and weigh watchers in this time frame, however, on this way of eating, I don't feel like im on a diet. (Well, 2 days a week I do) I can still have cake if I want to, and I now don't calorie count every day either. I can really feel that this year, I will reach my target... keep checking in to see if I do it this year....
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  1. I keep hearing about these slimpods , they sounds interested. well done so far

  2. your doing really well hun, keep it up, keep moving x

  3. Go you! I am awful at diets, I get too tempted so I am trying to exercise more, my partner lost several stone from doing 30 minutes everyday so fingers crossed it works for me! I hate the gym with a passion :(

  4. Well done on your weight loss! You're doing great!

  5. Well done! You are doing great. I so need the same motivation :) x

  6. well done, great results and a brilliant attitude along with it xx

  7. fab stuff. I'm a bog fan of the 5:2 lifestyle diet. I did it a lot last year

  8. Aww you're doing a great job Stacey :) I'm also keeping to my 'New Year's Resolutions' quite well. Just got a couple more to start with and I'll be on my way to a great 2015 :)

    Louise x

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  9. Well done on the loss. I've heard of SlimPod but no explination of what they were. I used to listen to a Paul McKenna cd as I was going to sleep and that worked in a similar way but in one part of it he sounded like Lloyd Grossman and it always made me giggle and "woke me" from the trance! will check them out x

  10. The Slimpod is brilliant, and I was a total sceptic - I need to start listening to mine again, you've just reminded me ! A new Sunday weigh-in linkie will be going live tomorrow morning but if you fancy joining in on last week's, there's still time ! :

  11. Well done on such a fantastic loss this week, it will definitely keep your spurred on. I know you were down about the 1lb gain but you have worked incredibly hard for this weeks loss! You are allowed to treat yourself when you go away - the Jillian Michaels session sounded interesting! Thanks for signing up to #WeightLossWednesday - new linky live tomorrow! Sim x


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