Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New Year, New Me..... 5 weeks in....

Well the week 5 for me, was not a good week diet wise, nor exercise. It started off well, with it being S's birthday on day one, I was full of energy despite the snow. The party food, wasn't too unhealthy either,  even had peppers, carrot sticks and cucumbers with dips, fridge raiders instead of chicken nuggets, and sandwiches to order.
Day two, the snow had settled, and so we stuck close to home, or Daddy drove. I had to buy new jeans, and it was not pleasant. I usually buy my jeans from GAP, but the store we went to, all the styles they had in looked dreadful on me, so I tried M&S. I actually found a pair that fit perfectly for me, albeit it a size bigger then expected.
The following day, it all turned bad. We woke to no boiler, and no hot water. It was -5'C outside, this was not a good week for no heating. We ended up having to chase the landlord to get hold of her, which increased my stress levels some what, and for an emotional eater, that's not good. Food became my friend again whilst sat under a duvet watching film after film with the girls.
The following day we escaped the cold to visit the in-laws. We went for a walk, but as S got so cold, despite being wrapped up in at least 4 layers, we had to cut it very short... oh the joys of kids. This was also a fast day for me, but then I just couldn't resist a home cooked roast dinner by my lovely mother in law, and had two helpings, which im sure put me over my 500 calories, but hey at least it was all meat, and veg, with very limited potatoes.
It then continued like that, but as we hit February, I was then allowed an alcohol beverage after completing Dry January, which did not help. That bottle of Baileys that's been torturing me since Christmas was opened.
Therefore, Week 5 has come in with a 2Ib gain. I know for a fact this is mainly water retention due to the alcohol. So I am putting this week behind me. Its not often you have no heat or hot water for 4 full days, and being able to see your breath INSIDE your house. So, its been written down, and im now moving forward to a more positive outlook for the rest of February.

So week 5, gives me a total weight loss of 5Ib, to say im gutted is an understatement, I lost 4Ib alone last week, but I am still on my 1 Ib a week goal, just. I really need to pull my socks up and refocus for this week coming.... AND I promise to update much closer to my weigh in days of Thursday... I am going to fulfil this journey, good or bad, right to the end... it wont be easy, but hey, if it was, everyone would be their ideal weight wouldn't they??
How are your new years resolutions going now we are into February?
Sim's Life


  1. Sounds like it has been a hectic few weeks for you but it is starting to pay off! Keep up the good work and i look forward to reading your progress x

  2. Well done so far! Mine started off well but I just celebrated a birthday so it's all gone a bit off!


  3. Great results so far! Keep up the good work :-)

  4. Don't worry. It's just a blip, there will always be weeks like this (even without all the extra stress this week) so don't lose sight of the bigger picture - you're still going in the right direction overall which is the main thing :) Thanks for linking up on the Sunday weigh in linky xx

  5. Oh hun, just write this week off, it is horrendous when you have no heating and I would have done exactly the same thing! Your loss so far is fantastic and I am sure you will get back on track quickly. It has been a crazy, stressful week. Have you tried Next for jeans? Always found that they are a nice fit!
    Thank you for signing up with #WeightLossWednesday and look forward to seeing you again next week! Sim x

  6. Don't worry, stick in there! It will be worth it in the end! Bel

  7. Stick with it. You have a loss over all and that's all that matters. Good luck for the coming weeks x


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