Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New Year, new me. 6 weeks in...

Im getting very slow with updating my journey. Tomorrow will be the start of my week 8, so thought I had better update my week 6, before too much time passes, and I just stop. I don't want to stop, no matter how long this journey takes. Nor, if no one reads these updates. Its more really for ME. Time for me to reflect on the week, and how im going to go into the next week.
After the gain in week 5, I was determined to get it off the following week. And I happy to announce my weight loss this week....

It is coming off. It is still more then my 1Ib a week goal, so I am happy. I used to be able to do this amount in a month or less, but its true, the older you get, the harder it is too loose, especially with all the yo-yo dieting I've put my body through over the years.
Going into week 8, im not hope full. Well I will write up a week 7 summary as its almost done. I've enjoyed a lovely but CALORIFIC meal out with the hubby for valentines, which never happens usually as we have the girlies, but as the in-laws kindly offered to babysit, we were not going to refuse.
I had a little scare during the week, and further tests being done to rule out Cancer, so typically I turned to wine. I've had several bottles this week, and it has helped me relax.
I stopped listening to my Slimpod for a few days, and I think some of the unhealthy habits of comfort food is creeping back in as a result. It is also half term week, and all rolled in with Daddy going away for work for his 6 monthly big test, which also means on the run-up, entertaining the kids out of the house. Stressful, and tiring are the two words that sums it up perfectly. I know I am making excuses, but basically, I have been unable to complete 1 fast this week, et alone 2, for one thing or another. Therefore, im making the conscious effort NOT to weigh in for week 7, and go into week 8, as a maintain in my head, so I can refocus, and start the week not on a negative.
I have the extra tests next week to clear up the cancer scare, to say im petrified, would be correct. But I also know many people that have had this extra test, and have come out clear. Its hard to take the horror stories like Jade Goodys out of your head, especially when you have little ones. Its still unpleasant to have to wait.
They wanted me in this week for the test, but with both girls on my own, its impossible, so have to wait another week. Im trying to stay clear of the wine, which can only help as I go into week 8. I am also going to try and do a 4:3 this coming week to help counteract the bad calories.
On a positive note, we have been doing a lot more walking. Yeay!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your progress. The fact that you have been able to jump back on the diet after a wobble shows just how strong and determined you are. Credit to you! Best of luck with the upcoming health tests. I'm sure it won't be the dreaded 'C' word. The docs would have insisted you had the test this week I'm sure if they were at all concerned. Tx

  2. Well done on your progress. I have been home during half-term so I understand it is not easy to keep the routine of healthy eating and keeping active while the kids are off school, so well done! :) x

  3. I totally understand why you've turned to food after your scare this week, and there's no need to beat yourself up over that. You're only human! x


  4. Everything will be fine chick, but totally with you on the drinking and eating - there are 52 weeks in a year for a reason! Sending you big cuddles xx
    You are doing so well, your loss so far is fantastic and it shows the 5:2 diet does work!! Thank you for joining in with #WeightLossWednesday and hope to see you for week 8! Sim xx

  5. Well done on what you have achieved this week - despite your scare. I had one of these and I know how petrified you feel. I hope it all sorts itself out soon. #BloggingtoJogging

  6. I hope you're okay hun and sorry I didn't see this sooner. Well done on your achievements and I don't blame you for accepting babysitting help!Thanks for linking up with #BloggingToJogging xx


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