Wednesday, 25 February 2015

PenWizard Personalised Book Review

At the end of January, I was asked if I would like to review a personalised book by Penwizard. I have seen them on other blogs being reviewed, and love the idea. It was a week before S's birthday, and I thought I could personalise it for her, from her big sister, so J would not get jealous that S got something and she didn't.
This worked out great. We chose a Peppa pig goes to your child's birthday book out of the selection. We also got to design a S character in the style of Peppa pig. We could personalise the gender, hair, skin and eye colour, as well as if they wore glasses or not. We inputted her age, along with her first and last name. J could also write a personalised message that would be printed at the front of the book.
It was so easy to use, and quick. It was all personalised and complete within 5 minutes. The character doesn't look exactly like S, but hey, its done as a peppa pig style cartoon character, not like for like, I think that would look more out of place.
It arrived within 2 days of completing. WOW... it actually arrived in time for her birthday.
We read the tittle out to her, and she instantly knew the character was her, her face lit up, and she launched herself at J to say thank you.

The book we were given was a soft back, and a very good size. Its A4 in size. Its got a glossy cover, and very well bound. It has survived the test of time with S, who can be a bit heavy handed. The balloon can be personalised too, depending on the age of the child.
As you open up the book, it welcomes you with the personalised message, if you chose one. J was over the moon to see her name in the book.
On the first page of the story, the child's name in full, so the first and surname, is printed inside the story. This I was amazed to see, it truly is a very personalised book, not just pick a first name book.

The story itself is all about delivering the party invites, and RSVP'ing to go to the party. I can actually imagine it being told in the voices of the actual TV programme. With the end of the story actually at the party, with Peppa and George, wishing the birthday child a happy birthday.


On the back page, shows the named child in the other personalised books they do too. It truly is a personalised book, with no shortcuts spared. I could imagine picking this book up in the library. It has made a fantastic birthday present, that will be cherished for years to come.
The books come in a choice of hardback (£19.99) and soft back (£14.99). I think this is reasonably priced due to the fact it is really personalised to your child only. We have already had requests for more books in the series.....
So would I recommend the books? ... YES. I will be buying more for our family in the collection here.
Do you have personalised books?
*I was gifted the book, but all words, photos and opinions are my own.
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  1. We have a couple of these books....They are such a lovely idea!


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