Friday, 27 March 2015

A good nights sleep...

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to review a mattress topper. I thought, yeah go on then, if anything, it would protect the mattress from drool, and sweat. Yes, disgusting I know, but we all do it in our sleep.
We bought our bed about 4 years ago, after having hubby's mum and dad's spare bed as our own when we moved into an unfurnished house when I was pregnant with J. After a year or two on a "spare bed" we realised, we had to invest in our backs. We bought a "top of the range" mattress and a sledge bed to fit it. It was like a dream, I couldn't feel hubby move during the night, or getting up for his early shifts. However, four years on, that comfort has slowly decreased. We haven't woke up feeling in pain, yet, but the WOW, this is comfy part has faded.
We had a phone call one evening, confirming our bed size, and delivery address, and when I say evening, I mean I was cooking tea, so it was gone 4pm. The very next morning... 9.00am it was here. Thankfully hubby didn't do the school run, nor was he at work so we could receive the item. I was amazed at how small it was wrapped.
I was told to unpack it, and leave it for a few hours to "breathe" and raise up.

The mattress topper, wasn't what I was expecting. It was a 2.5cm piece of memory foam, the size of the mattress. Hubby wasn't expecting it to feel any different. However, the next morning after the first nights sleep. Our best night sleep in ages, his words.... he took it back. It was so comfy. It changed the firmness of the bed, so it was a bit firmer, but still soft, if that makes sense? It was so inviting.  And it continues to stay inviting, ten days later. I am sure it will continue too as well.
We have deep fitted sheets due to the size of our mattress, so found it stayed in place with our sheets. The 2.5cm thick memory foam mattress topper uses your body temperature to mould to your body shape whilst you sleep, to ensure the perfect position for your body. The resulting pressure relief helps reduce tossing and turning for an improved night's sleep, and it sure did.
The mattress Topper we have tried starts at £19.99 for a single, raising to £34.99 for a king size, from Mattress next day. The R.R.P. is £49.99-79.99. You can purchase it from here.
I would highly recommend this mattress if you are looking for a good nights sleep. It helps put a bit more extra life back into your mattress.
How old is your mattress?? Could it do with a little bit of extra life yet??
*We were gifted the mattress topper, in return for an honest review. all words, and photos are my own.


  1. very interesting, a budget way to get a very good night sleep. Great for people who rent x

    1. Definitely, and for those who cant afford a new mattress just yet! :-)

  2. This sounds so comfy sounds so comfy. Our bed is also 4 years old and needing something extra. Do they have super king size? K x

    1. Unfortunately I can not see that size on the web site. :-(

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