Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fabulous Partyware

A few weeks ago we were asked if we wanted to review some items from Fabulous Partyware. J's birthday is in October, and S's was in January, so we didn't really have any more parties, as such. However, J was really wanting another get together with her school friends one day after school. So we decided to have them over for tea. Four extra girlies, plus my two....and a little brother.  I did not fancy that washing up, so fabulous partyware, came to the rescue with cups, plates, napkins, cupcake cases and a craft activity for them.
There was no reference to party, in the little bird told me range. However, it was pink, and very girly. The girls loved it.
I was really bad, and heated up chicken nuggets, chips and I managed to burn a pizza. However, it went down very well with all the little guests. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough chairs for them all, so an indoor picnic it was, in front of Barbie of course.
One of the mums offered to help clear up... thanks to Fabulous Party ware, all that meant was opening up the bin. So no stressful cleaning up afterwards. Yeay. The plates were very thick for paper plates, and the cups didn't crumple with cup after cup of juice. The napkins came in handy for a few spillages as well as for messy fingers. The quality was nice to see with party ware.
There was too many children to makes cakes, and they were far to hyper, preferring to have a disco in J's room, with no adults aloud, so we kept the cake making and craft idea for another day. .. today however, the crafts came out with S.
The craft idea was making a fairy or a dragon out of spoons. These would make great favours in a party bag. They look fab, with everything including apart from glue, and a colouring pen, all in their own packet. (instructions were also included)

S loved gluing the felt pieces on the dragon....

Whilst mummy completed the fairy, so the dragon had another spoon person to play with...

The final spoon pieces look pretty good if I do say so myself...  they would be perfect for a pirate and princess party, or princesses and knights etc....

We all know its the little things that make a party great...  and these would certainly help set a party, or help fill a party bag.  If you follow Fabulous Partyware on twitter, they do sometimes offer special codes too...  whilst your there, don't forget to follow me too here.
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  1. looks fabulous hunny, my girls love having friends round for tea.

  2. This looks like good party wear. The last thing you want is loads of mess after a party x

  3. Sounds good that you didn't need to do much cleaning up. Also, the craft activity is very appropriate!

  4. looks great - starting to plan all the parties now so will take a look #triedtested

  5. looks a nice set of partywear that is so cute she had her friends over for a little tea party.

  6. What a great party.....Sounds like great fun x

  7. What a great selection of party bits and bobs! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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