Friday, 13 March 2015

Glimmer of Spring

Last weekend, I truly believed spring was here. The sun was shining, and there was a slight breeze in the air. I was just itching to get out, and I blame the Thinking slimmer Fit pod. I've been listening to it for just over a week now, and its slowly enticing me to get out and move more. We were due to go to Grandparent M's for a late lunch, and usually we wouldn't squeeze in anything beforehand. Saturday though, even Daddy was keen for a walk.
In the half term just gone, Grandma had asked us if we could do some maintenance on some of her geocaches at Rudyard lake. Due to prior commitments, we couldn't do it, however this particular morning, we could. I haven't been geocaching for a while, and daddy isn't a fan, however, we weren't finding them for smiles today, today it was to see what condition they were in. But we had to find them first....
 Daddy has never been to Rudyard lake before, and from the car park, you could be fooled that there was no lake, as it is a little walk. I jus love water, whether it be lakes or the seaside, I'm not sure why, maybe it reminds me a little of back home?

The path we took had the lake on one side, and the miniature railway line on the other side, with thin tree's. J whenever we see any tree's she wants to play hide and seek, and this occasion was no different, however with much less hiding places. This never stopped the girls though, and this is them "hiding". Can you spot them? It would be hard not too....

A little along on our walk, the steam train came along. Both the girls loved waving at it go past, and the passengers happily waved back. Yeay...
Once the train had gone past, the girlies were free to play on the tracks, and they liked trying to reach each spacer like stepping stones. J managed it, however S's smaller legs were just too small.
It was then down to business trying to find Grandmas geocaches. We had to replace two containers out of the four. Its a shame as they are perfect for small children, and based around the three little pigs story. Why do people feel the need to damage or steal some Tupperware tub hidden in a tree?

Once our business was sorted, it was back to fun... we bought some bread along with us to feed the ducks... however there was only two, and they were not that hungry.

Whilst we were posing for some photos, a lovely couple offered to take a family photo of us all.
March 2015
Our last family photo was almost identical when we were away last March in Poole... look how different we look, well not much really apart from I got fatter, and now have to wear glasses, and the girls look slightly more older...
March 2014
After our walk, a nice pleasant three miles, we were ready for our lunch, so it was off to the Grandparents. We were surprised with a BBQ. We love our BBQ's, Daddy is a huge meat lover, and I just love the smell, and of course the lovely smells. Daddy took over the grill....
Whilst the girls played "minesweeper" on the grass. Random things the girls come up with when left to their own imagination... I blame Daddy for showing J the minesweeper game on the PC....

So that's our glimmer of spring so far... today its back to the snow... yes we had snow again this morning on the school run... wet snow... so no sledging or snowman building here....
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  1. I'm loving that Spring is here too, even though it has been cold and wet here today. I love your family picture.


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  3. Aww what a lovely day you had! Geocaching is something I've been wanting to try for ages too - it looks great fun! Defo when Baby B is bigger xx


  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! It makes me sad people destroy the geocaches too it's always annoying when you search and there not there!

  5. What a lovely start to spring outdoors. I'm just like you with water. I love the river and lakes here and if I'm not here then the beach is my next best place. Well done on finding the geocache too, it looks a lovely action packed day yet relaxed all art once. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  6. Looks like you really made the most of the start of spring, looks like a lovely outing

  7. Fab photos, looks like you had a great little spring time trip out - it's lovely to have photos from this time last year to compare to isn't it. Can't believe you're still getting snow, crazy!

  8. I have to check our geocache too! I think husband have one. One of those small ones that looks a ballpen cover cap with paper inside. #countrykids

  9. Wow, looks like a fantastic place to visit! My two monkeys would love that train! Lovely family photo's :)

  10. Looks like you had a lovely day. I can't wait for the warmer drier weather so that we can get outdoors again. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  11. What lovely outdoor spring time. Looks like a lovely place .

  12. Last weekend with that glimose of spring really was nice. That little train lo I s lovely. N would love it.

    Really want to get out geocaching round by us. Think there's one easy one and one that's a nightmare to find, but need to find some short walk ones for N


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