Friday, 27 March 2015

Playground Politics

This is a guest post from a blogger who wishes to remain anonymous.
This post has arrived coincidentally on a day J was "out of character."  She had an incident with another child and has been punished accordingly both at school and at home, and I am hoping that will be the end of it, after a sorry card has been made. But here is some great advice from this mummy blogger.
When it comes to parents in the playground things can get nasty pretty quickly. We are all doing our best to protect our brood and feel powerless to help if they are injured whilst at school. 

I understand this can be upsetting but I also understand how upsetting it is to feel like everyone is judging your child. The one thing I do know is that children are not angels 100 % of the time and can do things completely out of character. 

If you do find your brood running into conflict you can do either of the following:

1) Ignore it & hope it sorts itself out.
2) Inform the teachers and ask them to keep a closer eye on your child when playing with the other child.
3) Talk to the parents of the other child privately to let them know and come up with a way of moving forward.
4) Slate the other child & parent on a public social media platform.
5) Fight the other parent at the school gates, use your pram and ram the other parent with a pushchair.
6) Refuse to send your child to school & home educate then so they don't encounter any more issues.

I wouldn't recommend some of these! .

Schools will work with parents to implement strategies to manage any behaviour issues so they must be the first point of contact. Our children are going to be spending years with the same children, teachers and parents in the playground. We are all doing our best to raise our offspring to be the best people they can be & the best way to do that is by setting an example. 

Lets leave the squabbles in the playground where they belong! 


  1. My kids do not go to school s I'm glad I haven't had to deal with this yet!

  2. #4 and 5 sounds like something from a soap! so shocking!

    Erin xx


  3. I try not to get involved, but if I have to, I would have a quiet word with the teacher.

  4. Love 4&5 although as you say not highly recommended!

  5. I absolutely hate playground politics and the parents are often worse than the children. We've had stand up fights between the mums in our school! Classy eh?


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