Sunday, 15 March 2015

Week 10... My diet review....

Thursday marked the 10 week mark on my weight loss journey. I have actually stuck to one diet, for 10 weeks. I think this is the longest diet so far. I was hoping for a stone to be gone by now, however my body had other ideas. I haven't even managed the 1Ib a week goal. Usually I would have thrown the towel in long ago at the slow progress. However, as I am not on a diet everyday, I don't feel the need to throw it in. I am making progress. It took me years to get the size and shape I am, its not going to go in no time at all.
So before I go in with what I have lost or gained this week, I will show you some photos, and this is why I am not really listening to the scales....  the before photos are actually taken two weeks into my journey, and the now photos half way through week 9...
My face is slimmer, and even my neck, ok its not a WOW.... but it is slimmer....
My belly has reduced too, and a huge difference to the waist area, just below my boobs. My thighs are slimmer, and my jeans are loose.  I actually fit my gym gear now rather then squeezing into it. The photos were also taken the few days before "the time of the month" so a little extra bloat then normal. 
Week 9, I struggled with the two days on the fasting. I've been using the fast diet kitchen for my fast meals, and this is the 2nd week trialling them. I wasn't bowled over by the mains I chose this week, and when my daughter flicked something into my bowl of curry, I just couldn't bring myself to eat it, so opted for some toast instead. The soups however, were really delicious. The 2nd fast day, with it being so close to "the time of the month" I just wanted to eat a plate of food, with a knife and fork, bloody hormones... thankfully it wasn't chocolate, but after a spoon of the mains, I decided to use my calories on a bowl of mushrooms cooked in creamy Philadelphia. Sorry fast diet kitchen, I blame the hormones as last week I really enjoyed them.
I have also been listening to the thinking slimmer pod still, and recently introduced the fit pod, to help motivate for exercise. The end of this week, and the start of my current week, has seen a huge improvement. Meeting up with friends this week, didn't involve sitting around the kitchen table with coffee and biscuits (well not the entire time) but we actually went out on a country walk. We had all hit our 10k steps for the day before lunchtime.
So, will I continue with the 5:2 diet? Yes, it is slow, but then its science. Eat less then 3500 calories a week, you will loose 1Ib a week. Some of these weeks, i.e. with the cancer scare, I didn't do two fasts, nor did I keep within the 2k calories a day allowance. I have now increased my exercise, which will help me burn some of these extra calories, and with the thinking slimmer pods, my food choices are slowly changing, and portions are getting smaller.
We have now got a week holiday planned too, thanks to Eurocamp and Brittany Ferries. If this isn't motivation, then I don't know what will motivate me. I am planning on being in the pools, and beaches of France with the girls, not caring about my belly or thighs. Which will be much easier, if I keep loosing the way I am, or hopefully back to the 1Ib a week goal.
So.. this brings me on to the weight loss for the past 10 weeks.....
I have lost a total of 8.5Ib I am still in the Obese category, but almost at the over weight category instead. By Easter, I am hoping to of said goodbye to the Obese label... this is what I am aiming for now instead of the pounds, as it shows that this journey takes more into consideration then just what the scales say...  I much prefer what my clothes say.
Here is to the next 10 weeks, which will be almost at our holiday... I am hoping to be in a clothes size smaller by then too. Bring it on....

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  1. The 5.2 diet does seem to make sense. You're doing well. Keep it up!

  2. Wow you look amazing! Keep up the good work because it's really paying off! I wish I had your perseverance! xx

  3. I always hear about the 5.2 diet but don't really see results, but this is absolutely amazing! You look fantastic and it's always to see hard work paying off:D x
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  4. Fabulous changes, it really is noticable so keep doing what you're doing, it's definitely working ! Thanks for joining up with the Sunday weigh-in linkie xx

  5. Oh chick the photos are amazing! What a noticeable difference! I have loved following your journey, I know it has been a struggle but you are doing so well! It's clearly working for you and even to maintain, let alone lose weight is hard enough - you keep at it and look forward to seeing how you get on! Sim #WeightLossWednesday xx

  6. Wow, you can definately see the loss on your pictures. There's a lot to be said for ignoring the scales and going by look. I think we can all get hung up on the numbers and forget to look in the mirror and see if we are happy with ourselves. Keep smiling :) x #weightlosswednesday


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