Thursday, 5 March 2015

World book day 2015

So today is World book day. A chance for children to go to school dressed as their favourite book character, and as a lot of films are also books, this means their favourite dress up costume. This means great fun for younger children. Although this is J's first year at "big" school, she has taken part in world book day before.

Believe it or not, every year, her costume has come from the same place.....

Her very first costume, was Tinkerbell..... it just had to be as she was Tinker mad.... I mean obsessed.... this flash back comes from 2013... first term at nursery....

Last year saw S join in on the fun too as she didn't want to be left out.... again, they went a chose their very own... and as J was then Sleeping beauty obsessed, it was an easy choice....
This year we planned the costumes.... J wanted Rapunzel bride, its all about weddings at the moment, and what boys she wants to marry.... SHE IS 5!!!   Whereas S chose little red riding hood.... she has been obsessed since we got a zombie red riding hood at Halloween....  

J chose not to wear the tiara and veil that came included... S has a basket with the granny and wolf inside!
However, J's school threw a spanner in the works this year. This year they have decided to do bed time stories, so they all had to go in pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers....

So, where did all the girls costumes come from for our world book days?? Well it was George, from ASDA of course.  We love the George costumes, so glittery and sparkly... and the fact we use them over and over, year after year speaks for itself...
What has your little one dressed up as for World book day?
*We were gifted this years costumes, all words, photos and opinions are my own.



  1. I'm gutted that my son's school plays no part in World Book Day - my timeline is full of lovely images. Your girls look lovely.


  2. Yes, your girls do look amazing - and so happy. I think kids are rarely happier than when dressed up in character. My daughter was equally super excited this morning. We'd planned her outfit weeks ago (I'm sure like many others). She went as Tracy Beaker, so a simple costume. It's just her 'mad' hair that worries me. It was plait waived then backcombed this morning. Dread to think how difficult it is going to be to brush out this evening! Tx

  3. Aww! How adorable are they!!
    Lovely costumes x

  4. What a cute bunch of girlies! My little ones love dressing up and have a whole range of costumes, most of which I've had bought on eBay or in various supermarkets. Cheap and fun!

  5. Your girls are beautiful!! We dressed up as a Frog from Dear Zoo. I hope the girls had a lovely day.


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