Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Zip It Book review

We were asked if we would like to review a My Little World book, called Zip It. S has just turned 3, and is always exploring, and getting into mischief, so I said yes please!  I was unsure if she would be too old for this book, but being told, they had shoe laces in the book, I knew there was something at least that she could not do.
Zip It, is a book aimed at children between 3 and 5. Its a hard back book, and is a good size too. Each page has a different fastening, whether it be a button, zip, or popper. Its written by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Illustrator: Fhiona Galloway.
The day we got it out, was again another wet afternoon whilst J was at school. We were just clearing up from lunch when our parcel from Little Tiger Press popped through the door. S could not wait for me to finish cleaning up, so my pictures are captured as it happened to try and gage her reactions. S loved it, and the book just enticed her.
The zip page, she found very easy, but that didn't stop her zipping it up and down, and trying to put her hand in the frogs mouth...

The piggy page was with a button. We found as the book was new, it was a little stiff, but that helped the trickiness, she took her time, and it was nice to see her concentrate. She has practised with her cardigans before, but always ended up pulling at them, this way, she gets practise without the missing buttons from cardigans.

The cat page was a popper fastening... again as it was new, it was a little stiff...

...but really encouraged her to do it back up after un-doing it....

The last page was the laces... the diagram on the page explaining how to do the laces, even confused me, S didn't even try, and found this part too complicated, but enjoyed watching me tie them up and un-do again, and again...

S was flicking through the book all afternoon, on and off, going off for a play, then coming back to it, so when J walked in, this caught her attention again... J is almost 5 and a half now, and this page seemed more suitable for her, she studied the picture, and got very close at a good bow.

So what did S think about the book?  I think the picture says it all.... S approves...

I really liked this book, its of a good size, and very good structure for a "hands on" book. The colours entice and capture the children, and the words.... I really like how the key words are in bold. Both girls got something different out of it. S liked the "play" side of it, whilst J was encouraged to read the book, as well as the final page of tying laces. This is still a favourite a few weeks on, so for this it gets a huge thumbs up from me.

The book retails at £8.99 and can be bought from Little Tiger Press here. 

*We were gifted the book in return for an honest review, all words, pictures and opinions are my own.


  1. Aw looks so fab, your daughter is such a pretty little girl too!

  2. I love the idea and look of these! Great for kids x


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