Monday, 20 April 2015

Interplay Fairy Garden review

We were sent the Fairy garden by Interplay to review over the half term. Both the girlies are fairy obsessed, so were fighting over who would test it out. It is recommended for children over 4, and as S was being a handful on the chosen day, and only being 3, J got to do the majority of it. I would say children as young as 3 could do it, with supervision, and help building the house. It comes with everything you need except compost. We had some left over from our spring seeds planting session.
It comes with the instructions, bowl, glitter house with carpet, and roof, stones for a path, a shell for a water feature, plastic flowers, washing line, complete with sheet and pegs, toads stalls. grass seeds, sparkly stars, as all fairies like sparkles, and some pixie dust. Not forgetting the girls very own fairy too.
The entire kit took about 30 minutes from start to finish to make. Please excuse the pyjamas in the photos, we were having a "lazy" indoor day. We started with filling the bowl with the compost.
Before assembling the house. This is probably the trickiest part of the set for little fingers. J (5) did manage to do it by herself, but took a little bit of time, and concentration.

Once the house was placed in the garden, it was time to lay the path. S helped with this, and they carefully placed all the stones.
Before inserting the shell, and the washing line.

We then scattered the grass seed. I think this is a great touch, as grass grows quickly, and the girls don't have to wait long to see some progress. (We removed the washing line, whilst J watered the seeds). From our experience, we use a squirter for watering young plants, otherwise with young children, they end up flooded.

After it was all watered, and almost set up, it was time to add the sparkly stars, and the magic pixie dust, along with the fairy, to help the grass grow.

J was very happy with the end result.... well I say end result. It still has to grow...  and in the instruction book, it has other options you can add yourself. We are hoping to add fir cones, and flowers when the grass has grown.

It is a great craft set for young children with imaginations. They have enjoyed watering it over the past 5 days, and we already have about a fifth of the grass seeds growing. It is the perfect size to keep on a windowsill too, without it being to big. S has played with it with her dinosaurs. I would recommend to anyone who likes fairies. S has seen the dust particles floating through the house as the sun is pushing through, and is already saying the fairy garden is working, its bringing fairies....
8An updated picture of the fairy garden...
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* We were sent the Fairy garden for the purpose of a review. All thoughts, words, and pictures are my own.



  1. That is such a lovely idea, it looks so pretty once it is finished.


  2. oh how adorable my children would love this , we have always encouraged imagination in play

  3. That is just adorable....Such a lovely idea x

  4. I am in love with this! I just know this is something I would've wanted when I was a kid. What a lovely idea

  5. I bet it will look even more beautiful with a green grass all around it


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