Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Heading towards a new journey...

Today I embarked on a new journey to try and get me where I want to be. Anyone that knows me, knows I am not entirely happy about my body. When I met hubby, I was a slim size 10-12. I am now a fair bit bigger, and an extra 4 stone heavier. Having two young girls to run after, does not make that easy. At the start of the year, I attempted the 5:2 diet. This diet works if you can get through the two fast days successfully. I have had many failed fast days, and finally woke up to the realisation that after my 10 week review in March, I have since piled it all back on. This diet is not for me, for the long run.

In the past I have tried almost all the diets under the sun. I tried the Atkins whilst still at senior school. It did work, but I did not like the smelly breath that ketosis brings. Neither did I want the food bill.
Cambridge diet, again with the effects of ketosis, and the food bill along side not being able to eat the same as the family.
Slimming world... well, I have tried this many, many times. I know it inside and out. It does work, but for some reason, with me, it is very slow. Maybe my body is used to it now? I couldn't justify paying the fee's for class, sticking to it 100% and only loosing half a pound a week for months.
Rosemary Connelly. Yes I have tried it. However, my previous class, I never really clicked with anyone, and so I didn't stick to classes, hence I lost the plot. I have never tried this diet again for that reason.
Instead, I joined Weight watchers on this cold and wet May day. I have done it twice before. Once whilst in college, and hence why I was a slim 10-12 back in the days, (and gym bunny, who'd believe that now?) and once again about 3 years ago, just after I had S. The leader that 2nd time, offered no support when I plateaued, so I again stopped. ARGH!! Why do I do it??
The start of weight watchers... AGAIN!!
I have given myself mentally 8 weeks to give it my all, see how I get on. Today is day 1. I have just over three weeks until we go to France. I know it can not work miracles, but if I can loose a house brick by then (5Ib) I will be happy. My goal I am setting is 7Ib.
Can I do it? I can if I stick to it. Exercise more, and just be wary of everything I am putting in to my gob.
Hubby also bought me my birthday present early. Yeay!! I really wanted to replace my fitbug when I lost it on my hikes. It really did spur me on to move more. However after loosing one, I did not want another. Instead I went for one that is more accurate on the wrist. Therefore, I am now the proud owner of a Fitbit charge HR. I am super excited to put it to the test, along side the couch to 5k programme.
So... I have all the pieces of the puzzle to get me to the final picture in my head. Please come and check in with me, and give me a kick up the bum, or a pat on the back, I would really appreciate it. Weigh in days are Wednesdays... Therefore, I am hoping to update weekly on this subject on a Wednesday. What diet are you doing? How are you finding it?
I am finishing this post with some pictures of who I used to be.. I am still that person, but a lot more of me... and slightly a lot less confident. This is for my motivation really, I have done it before, I will do it again, and be a mummy role model to my girls through healthy eating (with help for portions with WW) and exercise.


  1. I am also trying to lose weight at the moment and finding it impossible. If I lose 1lb a week I am lucky! Good luck on your weight loss journey! I hope you reach your target.
    Laura x x x

  2. Good luck with your slimming journey! I've tried WW a few times and just can't get on with it!
    I've lost over 8 stone with Slimming World now though and am feeling so much better about myself!


  3. Good luck with your slimming journey girl! Hope you reach your goal! <3

    Fashionicide | Fashion, With A Difference

  4. Good luck i am also trying to lose weight but with slimming world xx


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