Friday, 15 May 2015

Help break a bad habit

From drinking too much to exercising insufficiently, there are many unhealthy lifestyle habits which can greatly increase the risk of serious illness if not tackled effectively. Unfortunately change can often be challenging and many people find that their good intentions to get in shape or kick a bad habit fail within a few days, leaving them miserable and guilty. The support of relatives and friends is vital in helping loved ones 'stay on the wagon' when they are trying to achieve positive change. Find out how you can support the people you care about to overcome these common poor habits.

Failing to eat healthily

Do your part by ensuring that you don’t sabotage diet efforts by bringing contraband goods into the house or suggesting activities which are certain to result in temptation. Offering to cook a healthy choice meal is a great way to show you care, or why not pack a picnic crammed with delicious fruit and veg to take on a walk or cycle ride? Remember to praise any efforts which are made and try and give your encouragement when good intentions are flagging.

Quitting smoking
If previous attempts to quit have all failed, why not gift an electronic cigarette and some e-juices? Not only does inhaling from an e-cig mean that significantly fewer nasties are breathed in, but people can still enjoy the nicotine hit they crave. A number of user surveys show that people are able to successfully swap regular cigarettes for
e-cigs, giving significant health benefits over time.

Insufficient exercise

With studies showing that few people meet the government’s recommendations to undertake at least thirty minutes of physical exercise each week, getting more active is crucial. Walking and cycling are great ways of keeping fit and can be combined with pursuits such as geocaching or orienteering for added interest. Some people like to branch out and try a completely new activity, so why not give someone you care about an experience day to enjoy white water canoeing, an assault course or some other novel way of moving more?

Sticking to a healthier lifestyle can be difficult, which is why the support and encouragement of family and friends is so important. Not only can you provide practical assistance, but a kind word or some acknowledgement of effort is always appreciated and can often enable people to stick at lifestyle changes until they become a regular habit.

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