Monday, 25 May 2015

Hungry Horse Review

This weekend after visiting Tatton Parks Geronimo festival, we didn't want to fun to finish on such a fun family day out. Instead of heading home, we headed to Hungry Horse. Brighton Belle in Winsford. It is just a 25 minute drive from Tatton park, making it a great time to stop off if heading south. Enough time for the kiddies to have 40 winks, without them being to cranky when they wake.
We had worked up an appetite, and in need for some good family friendly grub. When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised at the light airy pub. The doors were open from the beer garden flowing into the family area, which meant it wasn't hot and stuffy on the hot summers day. In some of the booths, they had TV's mounted inside the wall on Cbeebies, or CITV. I thought this was a great addition to keep the smaller people occupied. If this is not for you, they were not on all tables/booths. Our table did not have one. They had balloons dotted around the pub, making it great place for a celebration.
We were soon down to business, and trying to decide what we wanted to eat. There was so much selection.
The children's menu caters for fussy children, who know exactly what they want, with a pic a mix style menu. Choosing your main part, followed by a carb choice, and then a choice of vegetables or beans. They also had some standard childrens options too.
We decided to go for some starters to make it a real treat, as the girls had been so good. We opted for the hungry horse onion rings sharer, and some cheesy garlic ciabatta to share, and Daddy had some very spicy peri-peri chicken wings.
The onion rings certainly come with a wow factor, and was plenty to share. The girls loved pulling them off the horse shoe, and them dipping them. The ciabatta was not greasy, nor over grilled. The girls demolished it between them.
Whilst we waited for the food to come, the girls were able to play in the indoor play area. This can easily be seen from our table. So we could sit comfortably, enjoy the conversation of adults, whilst still supervising. I thought this was a really good touch for a family friendly pub. They also had two different activity sheets and colouring crayons, as we all know, just one isn't enough if you are having several courses
For mains. J decided to try the mixed grill, which she has not tried before. S opted for ham, curly fries and corn on the cob. Daddy M chose the Daddy burger of course, and I tried the oceans 'a plenty big plate platter of sea food.
The daddy burger was HUGE. It really was a tower, and daddy struggled to hold it together. J loved all the meat she was given, taking after Daddy M. S decided the butter was too much temptation though, and decided that is what she wanted to eat first, straight off the foil. The ham was deli style ham, which was thick and tasty. My platter came served in what J called 'newspaper' which was made just for this purpose. The prawns were delicious, and moist. The fish strips batter was light and airy. Although it had been fried, it didn't feel greasy nor stodgy.
We all enjoyed our meals, and it was then on to pudding. The servings were BIG. The children's sundaes were as big as S's head. I know she is small, but still, its a WOW! At £1.99 this is a real bargain. I decided to try the mint sundae, with Aero mint balls. This was AMAZING! It was a lovely refreshing end to a lovely meal. Daddy chose the cookie-dough cheese cake. He's not a great ice cream fan, but was more then pleased with his cheesecake.
We were impressed with the service. We arrived on a hot summers evening, at the busiest time, and the beer garden buzzing with happy drinkers and diners. From arrival to finishing all three courses with children was 90 minutes.
The staff were helpful and pleasant, and even bought the girls a surprise balloon each.
We ended the evening in the beer garden after, whilst I enjoyed a cheeky glass of rose wine, and the girls got a chance to play in the "park".
Would we recommend this pub, well I have booked my birthday meal here after this visit, that says something doesn't it?
Would I recommend Hungry horse? Yes, for cheap, family friendly meals, this is your place. They have different deals on depending on the days too, so check them out. The Brighton Belles offers on the menu...
*We received a complimentary meal, in return for an honest review. All words, photos, and opinions are my own.  


  1. This sounds like such a fab restaurant. Those onion rings do really give the wow factor! Thanks for the review! x
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  2. I'm not sure if my first comment went through. :)
    The presentation of the foods are awesome especially the onion rings. I have to laugh when you said that the puddings/sundae is as big as S's head lol. xx


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