Thursday, 14 May 2015

Kids dont come with a manual

The girlies are squabbling again. The high pitch scream, and the heavy foot steps means one thing... Mummy is having to play referee again. Welcome to the M house. This happens around... oh my gosh... too many time a day. Either this, or the "pleeeassseeeeee....... but why not?" Oh, and don't let me get started on the continuous foot stomping. You would think I had tweens or teens the  rate my energy levels are decreasing on a daily basis. I'm looking more and more worn out as the days goes past.. Look... don't I look exhausted?  And we don't even have a baby in the house any more, or even a toddler. S is a pre-schooler now, and J is in school. So why am I so exhausted looking after these two??

Soo... when I got asked if I would like a read of "Kids don't come with a manual" by Carole and Nadim Saad, I thought, what have I got to loose?
The girlies manual??
I've already addressed above our main concerns with our girlies at this current stage in their lives. The constant bickering, and whining, together with foot stomping. The manual covers all these points in the 292 page book. Plus lots more areas I'm sure we will get too over the next few years.
I've learnt from the book, I shouldn't be the referee and let them sort it out amongst themselves, unless true fighting starts.
There is also sections where it talks about re-connecting with your child again, to help cement the bond. Another chapter talks about how to listen so your child will want to talk. Thankfully my girls don't shut-up at the moment, but I know as J becomes a tween, she is likely to become quieter. Another chapter goes into dealing with power struggles, which I think we will need with S.
This manual isn't about how to change nappies, or weaning. We don't need another baby book. Everyone gets told or advice given when they have babies, whether they like it or not. However when the child become past the toddler stage, I notice a lot of "help" is removed, as the more challenging side of parenthood starts. No more cute gurgles, and first milestone, now its attitude, tantrums, and sulking, no one seems to want to help, or talk about it.
This book is there to help you through these stages, with a strict parent way, and the all-heart parent way, I'm sure there is a way for your own parenting style. 
Are you having problems with behaviour with your child at the moment? Would this manual help you? If it would, we are giving away one manual to one of my readers. To win, just enter below. Or you can purchase from here
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  1. I found the girls easier as babies then I do now sometimes and miss them when the thing to make them happy was having a mummy cuddle

  2. Sounds like an ideal book for parents. Children are for life, not just babyhood!

  3. It sounds an interesting read, but just find that with kids you have to find what works for your own.


  4. Siblings arguing over trivial little things like who answers the phone! Yes my four do!

  5. Fighting over the same toy no matter how small

  6. Tantrums about the slightest thing.


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